How to speed up your computer

Andy Tao

Everyone has experienced a slow pc at some point in their life. It can be one of the most frustrating things in the world when it takes ages to open applications or perform simple tasks. There are things in which you can do to keep the speed of the pc in good condition.

Firstly the main thing to check for is the processor, a processor can only handle so much and once it reaches its peak there's not much you can do. By upgrading this component you can guarantee that the performance will be increase but this may entail more components needing to be upgraded such as the mother board. You can check the diagnostics of your computer by typing 'perfmon' in the run utility located on the start menu.

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Upgrading the processor can be a very costly task if you need to upgrade your mother board as well, always check before you buy anything so you are fully aware of what needs doing and how much it will cost you. If you're on a budget there are other methods of speeding up the performance of your computer.

You need to ensure that your computer has sufficient memory in order to perform multiple tasks at the same time. If you were to have insufficient memory your computer would begin to use the hard disk space as memory, this will significantly slow down your pc as the hard disk runs at a much slower speed. You also have the potential to over work your processor as it will be reading and writing to the hard disk.

If you have an old hard disk then you are advised to upgrade that as the newer Serial ATA hard disks run at a much faster speed which will boost the performance of your pc. You have to ensure your computer is capable of having Serial ATA as not every processor can handle it.

If you are on a really tight budget and cannot afford to spend money upgrading components there are still ways you can slightly speed up the computer on a whole. You can go through the add/remove programs list and remove anything that you don't need anymore, these programs are wasting space on your hard drive. The more space you have the more chance of your pc running smooth and problem free.

Always ensure you run the defrag tool on a regular basis to ensure that your hard drive isn't clutter and will run at optimised speeds.

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