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How to design posters with the help of Adobe Photoshop
For expert artist and designers, the exciting thing about utilizing personal computer sets is that most of these individuals can now combine the technology with the traditional art without compromising others aspects.

Onkyo DE411 all-in-one computer based on NVIDIA ION
With most of the manufacturers waiting for NVIDIA to officially introduce its ION 2 platform so that they can release their own computers based on the very same chipset, Onkya recently introduced a new all-in-one compute...

More info on upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad W701 & W701ds mobile workstations
Remember two days back I'd told you about upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad mobile workstations? Well, it turns out that Lenovo is planning to update its ThinkPad W700 series with two more machines. Reportedly, the ThinkPad W701 ...

Lenovo ThinkPad W700 Workstation Announced
These days there's no dearth of Lenovos in the market. Today the Chinese firm unveiled a new class-apart workstation that can give traditional workstation-makers a run for their money. The W700 is a powerful machine desi...

Intel to launch 400GB, 600GB solid state drives by year end
Traditionally Intel is associated with processors. In fact its such a dominant player that it actually runs the whole processor industry. And if its behavior is anything to go by then it intents to do the same in solid s...

Dell Mini 5 tablet features 1GHz Snapdragon processor
Though Dell didn't provided any hard core specification regarding its Mini 5 tablet computer, it didn't took long for guys at Tinhte to break it down. So wondering which Intel processor the tablet runs on? You're wrong a...

Dell Mini 5 Tablet Reviewed
Though Dell is yet to release its Mini 5 tablet PC, guys at Engadget were lucky to get a chance to play with Dell's upcoming product. They played with the prototype device based on Android 1.6 operating system and found ...

$250 off on HP TouchSmart 600t 23' 1080p All-in-one Multi-Touch PC
If you're not satisfied with the deal we gave you regarding HP TouchSmart 300z because its a 20inch computer and you want a bigger machine then this is a better deal. The HP TouchSmart 600t is a 23inch all-in-one and is ...

Kingston DataTraveler 300 256GB usb drive announced
Yes, you read it correct. Kingston indeed came out with a whopping 256GB usb flash drive. The newest Kingston DataTraveler drive is the world's first and only drive to offer mammoth 256gigs storage capacity, helping prof...

Infinitec' Infinite USB Memory device allows wireless data sharing and streaming!
Imagine a USB Memory Device that doesn't feature any sort of memory, but is capable of wirelessly transmitting and streaming data. Interested? Welcome to the world of Infinitec. The company claims that its unique device ...

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