Free online games - 3D Mazes
by James L. Dean

If you can't play this game, please read this to properly setup the Java machine in your computer.
Click "About" if the maze doesn't respond to the keyboard. Press the appropriate button to get a "New" maze, "Solve" a maze, or "Clear" the solution from a maze. The vertical scroll bar can be used to change the tilt of the maze. Check "Square rooms" or "Hexagonal rooms" to change the style of maze. After a maze with square rooms is drawn, you can use the arrow keys to solve it. After a maze with hexagonal rooms is drawn, you can use the Home, Up Arrow, PgUp, End, Down Arrow, and PgDn keys (or the corresponding numbers) to solve it. Each maze has exactly one solution that does not involve backtracking (passing through a doorway more than once).
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