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Heart Menopause Related Symptoms

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Although actual relief is hard to come by, there are many natural and medical medicines that can be tried.

Heart palpitations are not usually a sign of pain, but they are a sign of a hot flash, which is one of the early menopausal symptoms. Heart palpitations are an irregular heartbeat that can occur anytime but often occur in women going through menopause or about to go through menopause. They are not painful but can be felt.

Sometimes heart palpitations are also felt as the sensation that the heart is skipping a beat or it is beating too many times. They may increase the heart rate up to 200 beats per minute when accompanying a hot flash.

The causes of heart palpitations during menopause are the fluctuation hormones in the woman's body. These constantly changing levels of estrogen and other hormones can cause the heart to try to adjust and are also associated with the cause of hot flashes.

When to Call A Doctor

Heart palpitations will usually go away in a couple of months, but should be discussed with your doctor immediately. There are many other causes of heart palpitations that have nothing to do with menopause and can be extremely dangerous. Some of the many causes of heart palpitations include:

* Stimulants - Too much alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, decongestants, or diet pills will stimulate the heart to race and will feel like heart palpitations.

* Anemia - The body is not producing enough red blood cells.

* Hypoglycemia - Blood glucose levels drop too low to provide energy for your body to operate correctly.

* Thyroid Conditions - Overactive thyroid can produce an increased heart rate.

* Heart Disease - Several different heart problems including heart disease can be associated with an increased heart rate or palpitations.

If you are experiencing heart palpitations for the first time, it is important to share that information with your medical provider. They can do the proper test to ensure that your heart sensations are only related to perimenopause and not to something more serious.

Preventing Heart Palpitations

It may not be possible to totally prevent your palpitations, but these ideas may lessen them:

* Limit alcohol and caffeinated beverages

* Do not smoke

* Exercise regularly after discussing with your doctor

* Avoid stimulant medications - cold medicines, herb supplements

* Decrease stress

* Keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control

* Avoid activities that tend to activate or increase your palpitations

Keeping track of when your palpitations occur can help you reduce their frequency and will help identify possibly triggers. Make sure and share your heart palpitation journal with your doctor at your visit to inquire about their recommendations to decrease the frequency of your palpitations. Even if you have previously talked with your doctor regarding your heart palpitations, it is still important to inform him at each visit that they are continuing.

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