The consumption of alcohol is so prevalent and accepted in our culture that it can be difficult to spot if someone is an alcoholic or if they are just having a good time. When someone is an alcoholic often times they are in denial or they will just lie when confronted with the accusation. If you find yourself in a situation where you suspect that someone you love is an alcoholic then you should know what to look for as signs. Here are some things to look out for that will help you to determine whether or not your loved one is an alcoholic:

Youre concern

If you find yourself concerned for a loved one and suspect that they have an alcohol problem then this can be a sign. If you know someone well and feel the need to be worried for them then you should trust that inner voice.

Problem with alcohol

Drinking Habits

Pay close attention to how often they drink as well as how much they drink. Just because someone drinks a beer for most meals doesn’t mean that they’re an alcoholic, but if they are 2, 3, 4 or more with each meal then this could be a sign. If you never see them without a drink in their hand then this could also be a sign or if they seem down or depressed when they are not drinking then you should be concerned.

You should also pay close attention to how much alcohol it takes for them to get buzzed. If it takes more than the average amount of alcohol for them to get drunk then that is a sign that they drink more than the average person.

Personality and Lifestyle

Excessive alcohol can lead to various personality changes as well as physical and lifestyle changes. Alcoholics tend to have mood swings based on the amount of alcohol that they have consumed that day. Large amounts of alcohol will also affect one’s physical appearance causing them to gain weight.

Alcoholism can lead to one losing their job and/or license. If you find that someone you know has lost one or the other due to alcohol then that could be a sign that they are being controlled by the addiction. Just like how alcohol can affect one’s professional life it can also affect a person’s personal life and you may notice damaged relationships.

Inability to Address the Issue

If you are at a point where you believe your loved one is an alcoholic then the next step would be to talk to them. If you find that when you bring the topic up they become defensive then this could be a sign. Someone who doesn’t have a problem with alcohol should be able to talk about it and be willing to hear you out. If they can’t talk about your concern for them then consider it a sign.

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If it is the case that your friend, family member or significant other has an alcoholic problem then treatment should be sought out and should include counseling, support groups and possibly a form of medication. Consult with an addiction specialist.

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