With so many creams and ointments on the market these days it is hard to know the best to pick for acne scarring reduction. Sometimes, the best treatments are tried and true home remedies. Any treatment should be run by one’s doctor or dermatologist first. Many times, home remedies can be less abrasive and kinder to one’s skin, although results can take a little longer to achieve. Below are a few home remedies that are worth a try. These are products that are already in most bathrooms or kitchens.

Shea Butter

Packed with vitamin E, shea butter will sooth and even out scarring. This is recommended for normal to dry skin types. Much like a face cream, this can be applied daily, best in the evening so it can work overnight. Recommended for shallow acne scars, shea butter can moisten and soften skin. Over time, this home remedy will lead to smoother looking and feeling skin.

Acne scars

Aloe Vera

Another soothing remedy, applying aloe vera daily is a great way to slowly even out skin problems. The great thing about aloe vera is not oil based and this may be a better product for some than Shea Butter. Aloe vera is a win-win for both oily and sensitive skin. To use, apply directly to scars, or can smooth over entire face. This can be left to dry and then wash off excess if it leaves a tight feeling. The healing properties of aloe vera will soften and reduce the visibility of permanent acne scars.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has the healing power of vitamin C on its side, delivered in a natural acidic tonic that is great for skin rejuvenation. Lemon juice can both reduce visibility of scarring, but can also even out skin tones that might be darkened from scarring. Squeeze fresh lemon into a bowl, and apply directly acne scars with a cotton ball. This is best to do in the evening when one can leave on to dry and work its magic. Leaving on for at least 20 minutes is best before washing.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Much like Lemon Juice, the acids in vinegar have a healing capacity. Vinegar can be strong though, so make sure to dilute with water before application, especially with sensitive skin. Apple cider vinegar will remove old skin cells and tighten existing skin, leading overall to a rejuvenated look. This can be dabbed on with a cotton ball to clean skin, much like the application of over-the-counter astringents.


Sandalwood treatments are unique but have proven effective with scar removal. It calms and cools skin. With a piece of sandalwood on hand, one would soak this in water, remove the sandalwood, and then use the water for treatment. Application is the same as lemon juice, with a cotton ball apply the infused water directly to the affected skin areas. Sandalwood treatment is less abrasive than the acidic components of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, and might be a more suitable option for those with easily irritated skin.

It is best to run any home remedy by a professional for initial advice. There are different types of permanent acne scars and different ways to go about lessening their appearance. The goal is to make sure to use techniques for skin correctly from the beginning. These at-home remedies are safe to try and will help reduce scarring.

Diana Chin is a freelance beauty and health consultant specializing in hair loss, eczema and acne scarring. For more information on how to reduce permanent acne scarring, please visit www.dermatologist.sg.



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