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Five Attributes of a Good Medical Alert System


If you have a serious medical condition or are simply getting upward in your years, it is important to consider getting a medical alert system. This is especially true if you live alone, or are left alone for any period of time. If an emergency were to occur and you cannot get to a phone or even make a phone call, a medical alert system can save your life. The following are five attributes of a good medical alert company.

Medical alert system

The company is always monitoring
Simply put, this means monitoring seven days a week every hour of the day. This includes holidays. A medical emergency can happen at any time, so a monitoring service must be ready to respond. As part of this constant monitoring, a company should also have a check in service. Periodically, a service representative will contact you to make sure you are okay. This check in service serves the additional purpose of making sure the system is working properly in case there is an emergency.

State of the art alert device
The best devices are offered in a pendant form that can be worn around your neck in the form of a necklace. They can be worn wherever you go and are both shock and water resistance. The pendant is a simple one push button device that is easy to use. If you are in trouble, a signal will be sent to the monitoring service, so emergency services can be dispatched to your home immediately. In addition to this, these devices should be equipped with a fall detector. Simply put, the device senses if you have fallen. This is extremely important, because if you fall, you may not be able to send a signal to the monitoring service. In fact, it is possible you could be unconscious. However, a good monitoring device will know that a fall has occurred and send an emergency signal.

Equipment is reliable and efficient
Along with a pendant, there is a machine that interfaces with the telephone line. This machine should be guaranteed for life and include a long distance for connection to the pendant when you are moving about your home, including your yard. This base unit needs to have several hours of battery backup, in case the electricity should go out. This should be at least 24 hours, but the longer time the unit will remain active the better. Your health does not shut down simply because the electricity goes out.

Several languages are offered
The better monitoring services offer their service in more than one language. When there is an emergency, it is important that you are able to communicate in the language you are most comfortable speaking. This service can be extremely helpful when emergency personnel arrive and you need to make sure your problem is communicated clearly to them.

You should feel comfortable
Because you are entrusting your life to a medical monitoring service, you need to feel comfortable with them. You may get an idea of the commitment that a company has by talking to a sales representative, but you may also want to speak to one of the operators that handle the emergency signals.

The above attributes are only a sampling of the most important aspects of a good monitoring service. You need to do some comparison shopping for the services that are available. There are several websites to do this. Medical alert system reviews at TopTenReviews is one example of this type of site.


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