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Why Different Forms of Massage Require Different Massage Tables


The most important piece of equipment for a massage therapist is a massage table. This is because it helps to keep a client comfortable and relaxed whilst they are receiving treatment. However, because of the many different types of massage that can be performed, sometimes it’s not practical to use the same table for each variation. To find out more about the different massage tables available visit therapyessentials.co.uk or continue reading for a look at how the tables vary depending on the treatment.

Massage tables

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage, and involves a variety of movements including kneading, gliding and stretching. Due to the numerous manipulations, a massage therapist needs a steady, stationary table for their client to relax on. One with a width of around 30 inches is ideal. Swedish massage tables can be found in a variety of different materials, as well as heights.


A Reiki massage involves the passage of energy, and so it is important for a masseuse to consider the material of their table carefully. Wood and metal are the two most common materials for Reiki tables, with wood said to absorb energy, and metal said to transmit it. Although the width and height of Reiki tables vary (and it is possible to buy adjustable tables as well), most Reiki massage tables are padded to ensure the client remains completely comfortable throughout the procedure. Relaxation is the most important part of a Reiki massage and so the table needs to be able to provide this.

Hot Stone

The type of massage table that is best for a hot stone massage will be determined by the type of hot stone massage that is being performed. For example, if comfort is the most important part of the therapy, then a wide massage table, with at least three inches of padding may be ideal. However, if the purpose of the massage is to use hot stones to relax the muscles, then a heated table top may be a better idea. Alternatively, if large hot stones are used, a firm table with a width of around 40 inches or more may be preferred.


Acupuncture involves placing needles into the skin in order to relieve pain and tension. Therefore, it is vital that the tables are as comfortable as possible for the client. Depending on the client, you may want to either keep the table at a regular height, or lower it fully to the ground, so that you can perform the procedure whilst they sit with their legs crossed. An adjustable, padded table is therefore ideal.

The most popular massage tables are those that are durable, strong, adjustable, and cost efficient. However, the type that is best for you will depend on the type of massage that you are performing, as well as your client base. The comfort and convenience of the table for your clients should be the number one thing you consider before purchasing any type of massage table.


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