I’m not the guy who likes New Year’s resolutions. I’m not the one planning to change, go on a diet I don’t really believe in, or hitting the gym with the specific goal of reducing my considerable waistline. Instead of carefully planning a healthy diet combined with some much-needed exercise, I acted on impulse – I suddenly removed as many carbs (carbohydrates) from my diet as possible, and I started going to the gym. The results started to show on short notice: in a week I lost 7 pounds, and I feel lighter and better than expected.

Healthier life

Before the impulse struck, I led a very unhealthy life. I work from home, sitting in front of the computer most of the time. While working I often nibbled sweets – leftovers from the Christmas shopping frenzy, and I ate a lot of bread each day. I suddenly realized that I have reached a staggering 280+ pounds, which was way too much, even for a married guy with children. Besides, using the stairs to my second floor flat (there is no elevator in my building) has always ended with panting – not to mention chasing the bus, or other – more private – activities. Something had to change. I decided that leaving bread and sweets out of my diet, and replacing at least one meal with muesly – a mix of oats, nuts, dried fruits and corn flakes – should be a good start. And, of course, hitting the gym six times a week.

It would surprise you how many unhealthy habits you have. I’m not talking about smoking or drinking alcohol – I’m talking about the things you do every day without even knowing. Eating dessert after a meal might seem like a great way to clear the aftertaste, but it also gives your calorie intake a boost. Spending eight plus hours at the office banging on a keyboard is bad enough in itself – but most of us spend too much time channel surfing, playing video games or tampering with our phones each day (by the way, you can find the latest Royal Vegas casino promotions here). These bad habits make us fat and unhealthy, and we let them – when changing them requires just a bit of effort and some dedication.

So, my advice for you is “cut back”. Cut back on desserts and snacks, or replace them with something healthier, like fruit or vegetables. Cut back on your couch time, and take a walk instead. And, most important of them all, cut back on idly resting and do something for yourself – because when it comes to your health, nobody else is going to do anything for you.


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