Did you know that more pesticides are sprayed on cotton than any other crop in the United States? In addition, after cotton is harvested and turned into bedding, harsh chemicals are used to make the fabric more wrinkle resistant and fire resistant. Do you really want to be snuggling up to a bed full of harsh chemicals and pesticides?

Of course not, but how do you keep your bed free of chemicals and pesticides? The solution is to switch from traditional cotton bedding to organic bamboo bedding.

Unlike cotton, bamboo is naturally resistant to insects, which means it is unnecessary to treat bamboo with pesticides. In addition, organic bamboo bedding, such as Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and comforters, isn’t treated with harsh chemicals and dyes during the manufacturing process. By replacing your traditional cotton bedding with organic bamboo sheets and comforters, you eliminate the presence of pesticides and chemicals in your bedding.

Without the presence of harsh chemicals and pesticides, organic bamboo bedding allows you to breathe easy when you jump into bed. However, peace of mind isn’t the only advantage of organic bamboo bedding. Organic bamboo sheets and comforters are also incredible soft, even softer than cotton. When it is even softer than cotton, who wouldn’t want to switch from traditional bedding to soft, luxurious organic bamboo sheets and an organic comforter?

So, who has the softest and most environmentally friendly bamboo bedding out there? That’s right

At Cozy Earth, we only use premium bamboo, which makes our Cozy Earth bamboo sheets softer than any of our competition’s products. In addition, we never use harsh chemicals and dyes on our premium bamboo bedding. We can personally guarantee that our bamboo bedding is 100% organic because Cozy Earth works directly with the manufactures, instead of the trade organizations most organic bedding companies deal with. By working directly with the manufacturers, Cozy Earth has been able to inspect every step of the process, ensuring that your organic bamboo bedding is truly 100% organic and of the highest quality.

If you’re ready to live a healthier life without harsh chemicals and pesticides, replace your traditional bedding with Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and an organic comforter today!


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