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What can we do to work out our brain?

Health & FitnessWhat can we do to work out our brain?

Probably you, the typical blog reader, do not pay too much attention to the last pages of printed newspapers and, of course, you have never bought one of those small magazines filled with sudoku or crosswords puzzles.
You can’t imagine how many people do it (some of them because in these booklets, you can find the answers for crosswords puzzles and other games in the last pages). 😉

The best of that kind of entertainment is that, despite being a nice way to kill time, is a very complete mental exercise that can offer numerous benefits in the long term.

Usually we hear tips to improve our shape and inflate our muscles, but we ignore our brain. Believe it or not, it also needs training because it is important that neurons can keep young and active longer, it is a good way to avoid problems as we get older. Mental exercise is a good way to keep our mind young and fit.

Brain work out

While commuting, waiting for your mate, in a sunday evening… any time is a good opportunity to solve crossword puzzles, sudokus, numerical series, etc. This is not just a good time to have fun and spend some time, but it is a way to keep our mind active and the development of this activity increases our ability to reasoning, memorize and make faster our mental processes finding crossword puzzle answers.

Practicing this kind of mental exercise helps maintain neural connections and keep our mind younger for more years. There is not a muscle involved in this process. Neurons do not grow larger or reproduce itself, but they are kept in good shape and can last longer because if we do not train our brain, eventually will die and never will be replaced.

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America says “The people with higher levels of education seem to be more protected against Alzheimer disease, probably because their neuronal connections are stronger”. From this point, they advise to patients with Alzheimer an intense practice of mental exercise, working with crosswords puzzles and other pastimes.

The training of the mind is also an ally to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia that appear over time. The challenge with this type of activity makes our mind to remain young, as well as help improve mental ability and tends to make anyone more agile in carrying out logical reasoning and everyday’s problems of life.
Reflexes and memory will also benefit the training of the mind, and our capacity to remember will be increased and it will be increasingly easier to memorize names, dates, numbers…

The next time you have a newspaper in your hands, take a look over the last pages and you will discover there a crossword puzzle, a sudoku puzzle or any “Search for the seven differences” picture and then think how many times have you made some exercise for your body and how many times you did it for your mind.

And, of course, if you have some spare time, please do some crossword puzzles and see that, actually, they were much more entertaining than you remembered.

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