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A Healthy Approach to Contact Lens Wear


For every contact lens wearer, cleaning and maintaining your lenses is at the heart of keeping your eyes healthy. Whether you’ve been wearing contact lenses for years or you just received your first shipment of the incredibly popular Acuvue Oasys 6 pack from an online contact lens retailer such as Lens.com, reviewing basic care reminders will help avoid any irritation or infection to your eyes. By following a few simple instructions and steering clear of bad habits, contact lenses are a safe solution for vision correction.

Wash Your Hands

A very basic first step that will prevent the transfer of harmful irritants to your lenses is washing your hands and drying them with a clean towel before handling your contact lenses. This cannot be stressed enough as it can be easily overlooked. Along with this general note of hygiene, make sure you are disinfecting your lenses with the prescribed contact solution. Do not use water or saliva as both could carry harmful bacteria which would increase the risk of irritation or infection.

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Use the Proper Solution

Before you soak your contact lenses, as an extra precaution, rub the lens with your fingers and then let them soak in the disinfecting solution before inserting. When you’re using your contact solution, make sure the tip of the bottle doesn’t touch anything other than the inside of its cap in order to avoid any contamination. Your contact solution is essential to keeping your lenses clean, so it’s important to always refill your lens case with new solution rather than just adding to what was already sitting in the case. This same idea can be applied to the contact solution itself. Resist the temptation to be frugal and avoid mixing the last bit of an old bottle with a new bottle of solution.

Use Fingertips

When handling your lenses use your fingertips, and not your fingernails. If you’re having difficulty removing your lens, try rewetting it with a lubricating eye drop to moisten the lens. Even in moments of frustration, don’t resort to anything sharp like your nail or tweezers. Doing so could potentially cause damage to your eye. If you experience any irritation or change in vision, remove your lenses immediately and contact your doctor. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your eyes, so don’t wear your lenses past their expiration date. Even if you are vigilant in your daily care routine, it is best not to risk the chance of infection. Even quality disposable contact lenses such as Acuvue Oasys contacts require careful maintenance, but since they are designed to be replaced every 1-2 weeks, there is less chance for build-up and irritants to affect the health of your eyes.

Along with this advice, you should always follow any special instructions provided by your eye doctor. This will ensure proper lens care and will help you to avoid any problems with your eyes. Developing healthy habits like those mentioned provides the foundation for comfortable and safe lens wearing.


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