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3 Suprising Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health


Technology is often decried as ruining modern life with its intrusiveness. Electronics demand our attention, taking it away from other, more important things. While it’s true that technology does cause distractions, sometimes to a detriment, it’s simply a tool, nothing more. When used correctly, it can enhance your quality of life by keeping track of your health and encourage healthy habits. Following are four ways that technology can improve your health:

Health apps
Fitness Apps Help You Track Goals and Encourage Healthy Habits

There are many apps available to help you improve your health. Apps like My Fitness Pal and Couch to 5K can help you with tracking your food intake and get you into a daily exercise regimen. Not only are they easy to use, but they will motivate the user to stay on track.

Curely and Drugs.com are apps that address the medical side of things. Curely is a beneficial app that helps you find and access physicians along with getting information on the services they provide. You can even receive immediate help by chatting with one of the available healthcare professionals.

Drugs.com has various apps for consumers and healthcare professionals. Apps range from a medication guide, where you can look up information on various prescription medications, to a pill reminder app, which has a scheduling program that can remind you when to take your medications.

Smart Peripherals Track Data so You Don’t Have to

A Fitbit comes with multiple capabilities to track all of your daily activities. That includes lifting weights, riding a bike, aerobic classes, running, and many more. It has the most features of any fitness tracker on the market, but is limited to only fitness activities. For those who need more functionality out of their peripherals, smart watches are the way to go.

The Moto 360 for Android connects to almost any Android phone. It tracks calories burned, steps taken, miles walked, ran or biked, and prompts you to increase your goals when you’re consistently meeting your current ones. It also slots neatly into your Google profile so you can log into a webpage to see everything you’ve done at a glance.

The Apple Watch tracks more activities than the Moto 360, but not nearly as many as the Fitbit. However, like the Moto 360, it connects to the iPhone and lets you keep an eye on your fitness data in real-time. The Fitbit requires connecting to a computer to upload the data which might be a drawback for some users.

Health Information Technology Makes for Better Doctor Visits

For decades, physicians relied on paper files to keep track of a patient’s health history. This took time away from the visit while the doctor paged through the history in order to see previous treatments.

Health information technology has changed that by letting a physician quickly look up information, see what meds were prescribed, any outcome, and what, if anything, is needed going forward or if it’s status quo. It also improves the doctor-patient relationship, allowing both to make better health care decisions.

Technology can feel as if it ruins our lives by adding another distraction into how we go about our lives. When used correctly, it’s an excellent tool that helps us monitor our health in many ways, increasing our overall quality of life.


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