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The Pros and Cons of Bariatric Surgery

Health & FitnessThe Pros and Cons of Bariatric Surgery

Nobody wants to be overweight. This isn’t just because it doesn’t look nice either. It is hard to buy nice clothes, to walk around, to be healthy, and to generally take part in things that many people actually take for granted. Most people who are overweight will try a lot of different things in order to get rid of this weight, including diets, exercise programs, pills and more. However, research has shown that this is ineffective in about 95% of the time. As a result, there is now an increased interest in weight loss surgery.


Because it is now so common place for people to have some form of bariatric surgery, people seem to have forgotten that there are significant risks associated with it as well. Bariatric surgery, regardless of which type you choose, is not an easy solution. You have to make sure that you understand the pros and cons and speak to experts before you come to a final decision in terms of whether or not to go for it and to which type of surgery if appropriate. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of bariatric surgery so that you have a starting point.

The Advantages of Weight Loss Surgery

There are clearly a lot of benefits, with the most basic being weight loss. Most patients lose quite a bit of weight as a result of their surgery. When they do, their blood pressure drops, as does their risk of developing heart attacks and strokes. It can also improve their diabetes and sometimes even resolve it. Additionally, it can help people with their self-confidence and self-esteem. Naturally, if you were to look at the benefits of weight loss surgery only, it looks almost like the perfect solution. However, you do have to understand that you will not achieve these benefits overnight and that you have to be committed to a diet and exercise plan in order to achieve them. You must be fully committed, in other words.

The Disadvantages of Weight Loss Surgery

You can understand the side effects of bariatric surgery here. Basically, you must be realistic about the fact that there are potential risks and drawbacks of this type of surgery. While the risk of these occurring are small, they do exist and you have to be aware of them. These include:

  • Internal bleeding

  • Infection

  • Anesthesia complications

  • Deep vein thrombosis

  • Pulmonary problems

  • Ulcers

  • Spleen removal

Other complications may also exist. This generally varies on your personal situation, which is why you need to work so closely with a registered doctor in order to find out what the personal risks are. The surgery may not go exactly as planned, it may not be successful, it may not work on you, and so on. The reality is that there is even a chance of death, albeit a very small one. While this is not said to scare you, it is important that you are realistic about the pros and cons.


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