The Vampire Breast Lift, also referred to as the vampire boob job, is a new and exciting non-surgical technique that subtly enhances the breasts. This technique can be used to improve lost volume on top of the breasts or to achieve a more pronounced cleavage through the use of regenerative growth factors contained in the woman’s own blood. A notable thing about it is that there is no downtime. This makes it ideal for who cannot afford to take a leave from work to recover from aggressive cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast implants or breast lifts.

While women may be satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts, some would prefer more volume above their breasts or a more pronounced cleavage. The aim of a vampire boob job is to achieve what a well-made brassiere would do; provide cleavage and lift. Top candidates for this technique are women who do not wish to alter the size of their breasts dramatically. Those wishing to provide their breasts with a more youthful appearance are also ideal candidates for breast lift.

What makes this technique different from other types of breast lifts that utilize injectable fillers is the type of products used in it. The procedure begins with blood getting drawn from the patient. It is drawn in the same manner it would for an ordinary blood test. As soon as the blood is collected, it is centrifuged whereby platelets are detached from the red blood cells. Then, the platelets are mixed with calcium chloride solution, causing them to release certain growth factors. Tiny amounts of injectable synthetic fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane are also added to this mixture. As soon as all the ingredients in it have been combined, a product called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is created. This product is injected into specified part of the breast using a tiny gauge needle.

Once PRP is injected into the patient’s skin, it activates multi-potent stems cells and grows new tissues that include fatty tissue, blood vessels and collagen. Essentially, PRP rejuvenates itself to create fuller breasts. However, the vampire boob job is not for everyone. According to the person for modelled it, the procedure is not meant to be a replacement for implants, nor is it intended increase a woman’s chest size. Rather, it is meant to better the shape and perkiness of the breasts.

The best part about the Vampire Breast Lift is that it’s returning back to what beauty was initially all about. The technique works at the stem cell level to generate new tissue. It brings back some sensation to the breast, nipples and areola. As is the case with its hyaluronic acid counterparts, the procedure’s injections will last between 9 and 18 months, but will depend on an individual patient. Beauty can never be a one and done’ thing; it is something that requires tending.

For women who want a natural and more subtle enhancement of the breasts, the Vampire Breast Lift is recommended for them. The procedure can be used to address sagging and loss of volume in the breasts due to weight loss, breast feeding or ageing. It can also be used to smoothen creased skin on the cleavage and to improve the chest’s skin texture. Another notable use of this process is in correcting inverted nipples.

Since the procedure involves injections, it can be somewhat uncomfortable. The good news is that local anesthesia is utilized in minimizing any discomfort, with most patients not experiencing any pain at all and finding the treatment quite tolerable. The treatment lasts for about 40 minutes. As mentioned earlier, one of the main advantages of the Vampire Breast Lift is that there is no recovery time or downtime involved. This is unlike the case of surgical breast enhancement procedures. The woman can even return to normal activities or work straight away. There is a tiny likelihood of the patient developing minimal bruising at the injection site, although this only lasts for a day or two.

The Vampire Breast Lift is a trademarked process created by Dr. Charles Runels. Runels trains surgeons from various parts of the United States on how to apply his techniques in performing the vampire boob job. It is a way of standardizing cosmetic procedure so that people from various parts of the country can ask for it and be assured that they are getting the same treatment.


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