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Innovative technology for hair transplants


Having a hair transplant is not something to be taken lightly. Indeed, many men who are balding prematurely are turning to innovative new techniques such as follicle unit extraction (FUE) and follicle unit strip surgery (FUSS). This new methodology has many advantages over the traditional microsurgery, with speedier growth and a more natural looking head of hair. The process is much less invasive than regular microsurgery and the experience is less painful.

A perfect long-term solution for hair loss

Hair transplantation is commonly used for men who have significant hair loss, thinning hair, or bald spots where hair no longer grows. This is usually due to genetic factors or age. The most common form of baldness in men is called male pattern baldness, where the hairline gradually recedes, exposing more of the forehead. Many men ask themselves the question, is a hair transplant worth the cost? The short answer is yes. With today’s advances in transplant technology, more and more men are reaping the benefits of this type of surgery, giving them increased confidence, with a long-term solution to baldness.

Hair loss

Other alternatives to hair transplant

There are a wide range of products that claim to treat hair loss without surgery. These products include shampoos, creams, scalp massagers and laser combs; although there is no hard evidence that they work. The new technology used with transplants makes it by far the most popular method for treating hair loss in men.

The benefits of hair transplant surgery

Losing your hair can really affect your self-confidence, and hair transplant surgery is a safe way to replenish the lost hair, which makes you look and feel much younger. The other benefits include,

  • Painless procedure and very quick to heal
  • Low maintenance
  • Natural regrowth
  • Long lasting results

Another advantage of hair transplant surgery is minimum scarring, which allows the person to have short hair.

The transplant process

Using FUE technology, a small number of healthy hair follicles, usually from one to four, are taken from the donor site, which is normally at the back, or the side of the scalp. These are then inserted into tiny incisions at the recipient site. The success of this very much depends on the skill of the surgeon, who can insert the healthy follicles in a way that follows the natural angle of the hair growth. Not everyone is suitable for FUE extraction, and the surgeon will determine this by removing a number of hair follicles and evaluating the ratio of complete / incomplete follicles. If the number of incomplete hair follicles is too high, your surgeon may recommend the strip technique.

The length of time needed to complete the process depends on the size of the scalp area to regenerate. Some patients require multiple sessions but with a local anesthetic, the procedure is painless and far less intrusive than regular microsurgery. It is advisable to consult the experts, who can plan your surgery and decide the right process for you. Of all the options for hair loss treatment, surgery is not only the most effective, it provides a permanent solution.


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