Surgery is a common option for treating inguinal hernia, particularly if the hernia is large or presents problems that could get worse over time. Surgery is usually a relatively quick procedure in London and Surrey, and can be carried out without the need for an overnight stay. Surgery for hernia treatment is open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. In open surgery a larger incision is made in order to access the hernia and push the tissue back into the correct place, while laparoscopic surgery involves the use of smaller incisions and instruments like a laparoscope. After both types of surgery it is important to pay attention to recovery and aftercare instructions to avoid problems. Your London doctor will give you further information about this, but the following tips will help you prepare.

Immediately After the Surgery

In most cases, you should be able to go home on the day of the operation after Hernia surgery in Surrey. If you cannot, it is normal to go home on the day after. You will need to be driven home, or take a taxi. You will feel a little uncomfortable and the abdomen area will feel a little sore. You can take prescribed painkillers to ease the discomfort.

Sitting in the doc in the bay

Continued Aftercare

Once you are at home, have another adult stay with you for 24 hours in case you suffer any complications. You can continue to take the painkillers on your doctor’s advice. It helps if you can apply gentle pressure to the area of the incision if you need to cough or sneeze, as this minimises the movement of the tissues and reduces pain. Follow instructions given by hernia surgery london professionals regarding wound care and how to bathe. Remember that any straining you have to do on the toilet will be painful, so avoid constipation by drinking lots of water and consuming lots of vegetables and high-fibre rice, wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta.

Activities after Hernia Surgery

You will be able to return to your regular activities as you feel the pain lessen. After about two weeks you should be able to return to light activities like grocery shopping. You could also go back to work after two weeks, if your job requires little physical effort. You should walk or take other gentle exercise to help heal, but don’t lift anything heavy or do any strenuous activities until around six weeks have passed.

Driving After a Hernia Operation

It will be at least two weeks – more if you had open surgery – until you can safely drive again without pain. If you can perform an emergency stop without pain you are normally safe to drive after the operation. Check with your doctor for more detail.


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