Safety is everyone’s concern, especially when it comes to children. Luckily, more and more governments around the world – as well as private enterprises – see the necessity of taking some extra measures to ensure the youngsters of today are in a safer environment than they were decades ago: by providing first aid training in schools. Whilst schools are regulated environments where close monitoring is usually the norm, accidents can still happen. So what exactly are the advantages of providing first aid training? Why is it essential to have the appropriate first aid procedures in your school? Here’s a quick explanation.

Why it’s necessary

Parents, teachers, and staff constantly worry about their students – a perfectly normal thing to do. The youth tend to be boisterous and often act before thinking, and every student comes home with a wound now and again. By providing teachers, staff, and students with first aid training, students are in a safer environment because help is right around the corner and first aid can be given quickly, on the spot. Having students and staff on board who are well equipped with first aid skills ensures any emergency can be handled quickly and correctly.

First aid

Most accidents at schools occur during play time, and it’s not uncommon to see a student sustain a fracture, wounds, or other health problems. These issues need to be dealt with immediately – and correctly – and having well-trained personnel and students who understand proper first aid procedures eliminates the need to wait helplessly until paramedics or ambulances arrive.

Benefits for management and staff

The benefits are enormous – for everyone involved, including management and staff. Health and safety legislation dictates that the employer (in the case of schools, this would depend on the type of school and structure – for example, head teacher) is responsible for the health and safety of the employees (teachers and staff) and students. Providing training regarding proper procedures gives the management and staff a sense of security and creates an environment where every single person – every member of the team – looks after each other and is on guard for potential danger.

Benefits for students

Training students will not only ensure that they can offer first aid to the benefit of others, it also teaches them where the dangers are and how to prevent them. In this way, students become custodians of each other – and students will know how to act properly in the face of danger even without the supervision of teachers or staff members.

First aid is truly an underestimated and under-appreciated set of skills to have; often, the true value is only revealed when it’s time to act. Providing first aid training to both employees (teachers and staff) and students, especially from qualified providers such as, is a giant leap forward that benefits everyone.


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