Substance abuse is still on the rise in the United States and as a result there is a greater need than ever before for addiction treatment services such as those you can learn about on While many rehab facilities utilize pharmaceuticals during the detoxification period, others believe in natural ‘home’ remedies to help you detox.

Which Method Is Safer?

Most will offer both pharmaceutical and natural methods of detoxifying the body as part of the detoxification phase of recovery. However, it is widely accepted that natural remedies are often the safest because the methods employed are non-addictive. When drugs such as methadone are used to combat heroin addiction, for example, there is always a danger of becoming addicted to the very drug being used to help you kick one habit. Is it worth it when you are just going to substitute one habit for anther? Probably not.

Types of Home Remedies Used in Detoxifying the Body

One of the key points to remember is that some people have been abusing drugs or alcohol over a very long period of time. The longer you have been using drugs or alcohol, the more toxic your body has become. Typically, home remedies include powerful antioxidants that cleanse the blood and tissues of toxins along with vitamins to nourish and rebuild cells that were destroyed from years of substance abuse.

Raspberry juice

Fresh juices are one of the best methods of cleansing the body. Typically, a thorough ‘flushing’ would be called for and many advocates of home remedies suggest a sort of juice ‘fast’ for a period of days. Apple, cranberry and acai are three juices that help to flush toxins from the body through the kidneys. Some people suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day during this time and it is also possible to use herbal teas that have beneficial effects when cleansing chemicals from the system.

Meditation and Centering

Many times withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. From having delirium tremors to severe cases of cramps, pain and nausea, each person experiences withdrawal in different ways and to different degrees. Many drug rehab programs utilize meditation and deep breathing techniques to take control of your body that had been given over to drugs in the past. These methods serve to relax muscles that tense up and help bring life-giving oxygen into the body with deep breathing techniques.

Medical Intervention May Be Needed

It should be noted, however, that many times the body can go into shock when suddenly being deprived of a drug that the addict had taken over a long period of time. Some addicts go into shock and others suffer what constitutes a mental breakdown. No addict should attempt detoxification without medical intervention on the ready if required. While home remedies are successful and have helped many addicts recover, there is no way to know what complications may arise during the course of detoxification. For at least the first 48 to 72 hours you should be in the care of a treatment facility with medical professionals on hand to treat you for severe, potentially life-threatening effects resulting from sudden withdrawal and detoxification.

Once the dangers have passed, it’s time for real therapy, but until you cleanse the body of toxins, you are just not ready to begin the long road to recovery. Natural remedies along the way can build up what has been broken down and that’s why they are a preferred treatment at most reputable treatment centers.


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