When it comes to choosing products for washing and conditioning your hair, you’re spoilt for choice as there are literally hundreds of different products on the market. Although this can be great when it comes to finding a particular product that you want or has been recommended for your hair, it can be a little tricky to sift through all the availability when you’re not sure which would be best for you. So, we’ve put together some of the key points that you should take into consideration before you choose a brand or type of shampoo and conditioner to buy.

Is It Worth Paying More?

Splashing out on a $40 bottle of shampoo might seem worth it at the time, especially if you’d just had your hair washed with it and it feels amazing. But, is there really that much difference between a pricey shampoo from the salon and a $5 bottle that you can pick up from the grocery store or an online shampoo retailer? Well, the answer is yes, and no. Some cheap shampoos can dry out the hair as they contain foaming agents, but there are many budget-priced shampoos which are excellent quality.


To Read or Not to Read?

If you were going to put something into your body you would probably want to know the ingredients, but too often, people forget to find out what is in their shampoo and conditioning products before they put them onto their hair. When buying a new shampoo or conditioner it’s important to remember that it’s the ingredients which make all the difference, so rather than looking at the name on the bottle, pay more attention to what the product is actually made from.

Should I Buy Dry Shampoo?

If you want to go a day or two without giving your hair a full wash or simply need a quick freshening up, dry shampoo can be an amazing product. However, it’s important to know the ingredients and choose a reputable brand as you would with any shampoo. Dry shampoo isn’t often recommended for regular, prolonged use.

How Important Is Picking a Shampoo Type?

If you’ve ever used a shampoo which has been formulated for a different hair type than yours, you will understand how important it is to pick the right shampoo when it comes to cleansing your hair. The wrong type of shampoo can leave your hair feeling unwashed, frizzy, oily or limp, which is why it’s important to know your hair type and choose your hair products accordingly.

Is Less More?

If you have thick, course or curly hair, you may have heard of the ‘low-poo’ or ‘no-poo’ methods. This means using very little or even no shampoo in order to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils, and using conditioners instead to soften the hair. If you want to do this, ensure that you use a conditioner which is formulated for your hair type.
In order to get the most from your hair products, it’s important to choose the right ones!


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