Contrarily to popular beliefs, stretch marks do not only appear on your skin during pregnancy. They can also be the sign of hormonal dysfonctionnement, particularly for both young men and women hitting puberty. Weight gain and weight loss are also a very common factor as collagen fibers in the skin are broken up during extreme weight fluctuations.

In some cases, stretch marks which are essentially scars, tend to disappear or simply fade over the years. While not dangerous – for a lot of people however – stretch marks appearing on buttocks, arms, thighs and belly, are off-putting and make them much feel less desirable and confident in their own skin. Thankfully there are a few preventive ways and treatments to get rid of these pesky marks.


1. Prevention with a vitamin-packed diet

Followinga clean diet is especially important while pregnant to avoid the apparition of stretch marks. Nutriments such as vitamin C, which helps improve skin tissues’ elasticity, are essential and can be found in citrus fruits such as oranges and lemon.

Vitamin E acts as another antioxidant that helps repair the skin. Find it in avocados, nuts and oats.

Vitamin A will help form new skin cells and can be found in carrots, pumpkin and tuna. Finally, zinc packed food such as banana and lentils will encourage the production of collagen, which is the substance that holds skin cell together and another very important ally in the war against stretch marks.

2. Creams and oils

Some preventive creams, oils and lotions make the claim to prevent stretch marks but according to most skin experts, they’re hardly more than glorified moisturisers. While this can be helpful in maintaining a healthy skin, it’s unlikely to play a big preventive role.

3. Stretch mark removal

If all preventive methods failed, there is still hope to get rid of stretch marks.

Specialised lotions and creams that help stimulate the production of collagen in the skin have shown good results in before and after pictures. They work over time however and there is no sure way to tell beforehand if this type of treatment is going to be effective or how long it will have to be in order to show signs of improvement.

Stretch marks can be very difficult to remove but there has been a lot of progress on the matter thanks to laser treatments. Laser treatment has been recommended by a number of celebrities and has since gained a lot of traction. Recently endorsed by social media queen Kim Kardashian after the birth of her second child, it has shown very good results on most patients and usually require between two to six sessions.


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