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Strategies for coping with female hair loss

Health & FitnessStrategies for coping with female hair loss

Hair loss is devastating for a woman. Whilst men are accustomed to losing their hair and male baldness is common, a woman’s self-esteem is often tied up in how she looks and losing hair can be deeply damaging. For many women, there is a social stigma attached to hair loss. They lose confidence and give up activities they enjoy because they fear other people will notice. Luckily, there are lots of strategies to help you cope with hair loss, including using real hair from https://www.noxuhair.com to supplement your own thinning hair.

Different Causes of Hair Loss

You may lose hair very suddenly, or it may start to thin slowly over time. Older women are more likely to be affected by hair loss, but younger women can also suffer, particularly after they have had a baby. Extreme stress can cause hair loss and hair thins when a woman goes through the menopause. Hair loss is also a common side effect of chemotherapy treatment.
Finding out the underlying cause of your hair loss is very important. Until you know why you are losing hair, it is pointless trying to treat it. If you are having chemotherapy to treat a cancer, then losing your hair will not be a huge shock, but if you are in your 20s and you notice that your hair is thinning, this definitely needs investigating.

Let’s Talk

The most important coping strategy is to understand that you are not alone. Millions of women lose their hair every year, so the chances are high that at least one person in your social circle is going through the same thing as you. Instead of hiding away, be open about your hair loss. Go online and talk to other people who are in a similar situation. It really will help.


Hair loss can affect a woman’s self-confidence, which in turn has an impact on her relationships. Do not shut your partner out if you are losing your hair. Talk to him about how you are feeling and if your hair loss is affecting your relationship, have couples’ counselling.

Disguise Hair Loss

There are lots of ways to disguise hair loss. You can use real hair extensions to bulk up your own hair. These look very natural and will last up to three months if properly looked after. Wigs and hairpieces made from real hair are also a good choice if you cannot bear to be seen out in public with thinning hair. Some women like to wear colourful headscarves to cover up hair loss. There are also some medicinal treatments available that can slow down hair loss and boost regrowth.

If hair loss is blighting your life, it is essential that you do not use bogus treatments from opportunistic online sellers. Just because a product claims to reverse hair loss within a few days, it does not mean it is any good. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there, so only stick to products recommended by your doctor. Also look into non-surgical treatments like prp, which simply use platelets from your blood to promote hair growth added prp treatment Melbourne clinic.



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