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Here’s How to Actually Get Fit When You’re a College Student

Health & FitnessHere's How to Actually Get Fit When You're a College Student

For many, starting college can be the beginning of an entirely new life and experience. There are so many things to see, do and explore – alongside your studies, of course – that completely change how we see the world. College life creates the perfect storm scenario where many find themselves gaining weight: from late night junk food and study sessions to pub crawls, there is a reason why many college students gain a substantial amount of weight in just a few years. Balancing work, class and friends is hard enough, but keeping a healthy fitness routine adds even more stress. We’ll discuss how you can actually get back in shape – or stay in shape – despite the challenges of student life.

Budget 30 Minutes of Cardio Each Day

We have as much time in the day as we’re willing to budget. It’s amazing how much productive people get done each day, but college life can make us feel constantly short on time. In order to clear your head, give yourself better focus while studying and be fit while in school, you need to budget 30 minutes of cardio exercise into your daily routine. Whether you’re pursuing an online EDD degree from home or a law degree while on campus, student life keeps people confined too much to chairs and desks. The benefits of cardio are numerous – both physically and mentally – so this activity is a must in your fitness regimen.


Eat Plenty of Small Snacks & Meals

The struggle of the Freshman 15 is real, and it will quickly sneak up on you if you’re not careful. Many college students binge eat to deal with stress or otherwise put off eating due to a busy day-to-day life. This can lead to serious weight gain, but you can easily avoid it. Give yourself time to eat throughout the entire day, but only eat small meals and snacks. By eating a small portion whenever you’re hungry, you’ll keep those cravings away and minimize the number of calories you’re consuming each day.

Avoid Alcohol

Whether you’re studying for a higher education leadership degree or preparing for the bar exam, alcohol can be one of the worst – and most tempting – parts of student life. Unfortunately, the repercussions are vast. Not only does chronic alcohol use impact mental awareness and proficiency, but it can also cause your weight and overall fitness to decline dramatically. It’s difficult to avoid alcohol in college social situations, but your body and mind will both thank you – in the short-term and long-term – if you stay away from this temptation.

Partner Up with Friends

Last but not least, be sure to increase the chances of staying with a fitness regimen by making it a social event! You can find one or two friends with whom to exercise regularly and turn it into something to look forward to rather than dread. By creating a sense of camaraderie and having a bit of healthy competition, you can get the most out of exercise and ensure you get in shape and stay that way.
The stresses of college life are numerous and can quickly add up in ways that result in an unhealthy lifestyle. If you want to get fit and stay in shape, then be sure to avoid the alcohol, eat responsibly and often, budget time for cardio every single day and make it a fun event that includes friends.


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