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3 common but dangerous allergies

Health & Fitness3 common but dangerous allergies

Food allergies can be something that people don’t even realize they have until they are faced with an allergy test. Often allergy sufferers can go on for so long simply ignoring or enduring their discomfort that they live in total ignorance not knowing that they not everyone has the same side effects from eating certain foods.

Allergies can come in a variety of reactions from swelling, to headaches, to more extreme cases which result in the body going into anaphylactic shock in which case an EpiPen is required. Not everyone is born with allergies. In fact, quite often allergies are developed over time with repeated exposure eventually surfacing as an adult.

Take a look at some of the most common allergies and their symptoms and ask yourself whether you might be one of those people on the allergic list.


“Milk allergy usually shows up early in life. Lactose intolerance is more common, takes longer to develop, and can occur at any time of life.” says gastroenterologist Amy E. Barto, MD. Many people confuse these two conditions, when in fact, a milk allergy is far more serious.

An intolerance generally involves gas, bloating, or discomfort following ingestion of lactose products. Whereas a full-fledged allergy results in swollen lips or tongue, hives, or a swelling of the throat closing the air passages.

A person determined to be allergic to lactose should avoid it all together. However, a person with an intolerance can still consume lactose by either taking lactose medication or drinking alternative milk products which reduce unfavorable reactions.

Nuts allergyNuts

A person who suffers from a nut allergy should always be advised to carefully read the packaging of any products to determine whether the machinery used to produce it was cross contaminated with nuts. Additionally, when eating out, it’s prudent to advise your server or chef that you suffer from a potentially deadly allergy and that proper precautions must be taken.

These allergy sufferers should carry around an EpiPen without question as it can be one of the most extreme and often fatal allergies.


A bee sting is something that people rarely know they’re allergic to until they’ve already been stung. While getting stung by one of these little guys is hardly fun for anyone, it is especially unkind to those allergic to the venom injected by a bee stinger.

A severe allergy is usually accompanied by difficulty breathing, nausea or diarrhea, and even loss of consciousness.

It’s wise to get an allergy test done to determine whether or not you are allergic to bee stings since you never know if you could be in a remote area when stung, and unable to receive medical attention in the case of being allergic.


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