Physical fitness is important at any age. Once you are past the age of 60; however, it can be easy to overdo it or to choose the wrong fitness routine, which can result in undue pain or serious injury. Therefore, opting to use a personal fitness instructor is an excellent idea – in addition to safety concerns, an instructor who specializes in the specific needs of senior citizens will be beneficial for a number of reasons and in several ways that many people often do not realize.

These professionals are trained to be empathetic to all of their clients. They are able to help those with a variety of health situations, age groups, and physical limitations to set and achieve fitness goals specifically tailored for them and they know how to inspire and motivate while remaining patient and compassionate. All of these qualities are extremely important when working with senior citizens, because regular exercise is absolutely vital to maintaining mobility after a certain age. Rather than allowing seniors to feel that at their age working out is a waste of time, a fitness instructor will ensure that they are aware of all the wonderful benefits exercising delivers at any age.

Personal trainers who work with older clients are trained to take into account the medical history of a client when preparing a workout plan for them, which can be especially important for those who are a little on the older side. In Coquitlam British Columbia, the fantastic instructors at Eagle Ridge Fitness who specialize in working with the elderly, collaborate with their client’s medical doctor to make certain that the exercise routine they design is safe. Workout routines can be customized to re-build strength after injury, surgery, or illness so that the client doesn’t overexert himself with negative results. If you live in the Coquitlam area of BC and are in need of a personal trainer, visit the Eagle Ridge Fitness gym in Coquitlam for more of an idea of how a personal fitness coach can work for your particular needs.

Many times low-impact moves are best for those over the age of 60 and your instructor will know which exercises should be toned down or re-worked in order to be safe and effective. Should special exercises be necessary to accommodate a client who has special health needs, the instructor will also know exactly which exercises are safe and which should be avoided.

One of the most important aspects of a trainer who works with senior citizens is that they are trained to understand the mental state of an elderly person who may not have taken part in a regular exercise routine in a long time. Motivation and encouragement are every bit as important as physical strength, along withthe ability to help older clients get started and stay involved. The best fitness coaches will know how to encourage a positive frame of mind and help motivate the client to get and stay fit. Hiring one of these instructors will guarantee that your exercise program will be comprehensive, safe, fun, and that you will see and feel results right away.


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