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5 Sources of Motivation for Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals

Health & Fitness5 Sources of Motivation for Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals

Many people know that benefits of exercising regularly, but very few actually follow through with achieving daily health and fitness goals. While the outcome of exercising is having a lean, strong, and healthy body, the sacrifices it can sometimes require to stay fit are more than the average person can or is willing to handle. Finding ways to get inspired to achieve health and fitness goals will require a bit of endurance and some support from these sources.

1.  Reward Yourself

Sometimes the benefits of being healthier or stronger are not enough to motivate you to exercise. Treating yourself to some form of reward for completing certain exercise tasks is a great way to stay motivated. Obviously, your treat shouldn’t be something that would compromise your health and fitness goals, but it should be something that you enjoy. Whether you treat yourself to a new article of clothing or a nice healthy meal afterward, find a way to congratulate yourself on the progress you’re making.

2.  Work with a Personal Trainer

Lack of experience can also be a quick way to bust your “mojo”. If you’re not really versed in exercising, knowing which techniques and equipment to use to get the results you want could be confusing. A personal trainer, such as those employed by Fitness 19, offers obtainable fitness goals with guidance every step of the way. Knowing what your fitness goals are, they can help you turn them into smaller tasks that will help you reach maximum results. Having someone cheer you on from the sideline can be a huge motivator in your health and fitness goals.

3.  Work Out with Friends

If you need the help and support of others, sometimes working out with a group of friends or family members can do the trick. With a small group, each member can help the other be accountable for achieving their fitness goals. Working out with friends once or twice per week can give you the motivation you need to continue getting fit.

4.  Understand the Consequences

People with preexisting conditions such as diabetes or those who have been diagnosed as obese can find motivation in knowing the risks of not being physically fit and healthy. Failure to add dieting and exercise to your daily routine could result in worsening of your conditions or new conditions including heart disease. Talking over your health with your healthcare provider can give you a clearer understanding as to where you are and where you need to be.

5.  Chart Your Progress

When changes in your health or weight are not visible, it can be easy to become discouraged with staying on track. A great way to find motivation would be to chart your progress. On a periodic basis consider logging information such as your weight, blood pressure, and sugar levels to see how your health is improving. With time, you’ll start to see and feel the results which will only motivate you further.

Motivation is what drives you to accomplish tasks. If you find that getting your health and fitness goals in order is challenging, you might consider doing things that will motivate you to stay on track. Charting your progress, working with personal trainers, and even working out with friends and family members are all great ways for you to find inspiration to keep pushing towards your goal.



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