New Year is around the corner and millions of people are making their new year resolutions. In the western world, problably the most popular one is to make a diet.

A healthy way of life is within easy reach for everyone, however there are many who still think that slimming or being healthy depends solely on following a “diet”. To enjoy good health we should not follow any kind of miracle diet, we simply must learn to nourish ourselves and for this we need to receive some nutritional education to learn how to combine and measure different meals in a healthy way without neglecting the enjoyment of food. Besides, of course, an active life and sufficient rest.

The concept of “diet” today is clearly misunderstood in most of society. When people hear the word “diet”, think directly about something restrictive when diet, according to the dictionary, is simply the “set of substances that are regularly ingested as food.” So, everybody is having a “diet”; wether a healthy one or a disasterours one, but “diet”.

It is true that if we are looking to lose weight, our diet should be hypocaloric. That is something elemental and totally unchangeable: the caloric balance must be negative, otherwise we will not lose fat. However, although the caloric balance is important, we also have to look at the quality of the food we eat and the nutrients we introduce every day into our body.

Therefore, if we want to reduce our body fat percentage from certain overweight or obesity in a healthy way, we should not think of excessive calorie restriction or restricting food inordinately. We simply have to learn how to combine food so that we get the necessary macronutrients and calories needed to meet our objectives, but trying to consume those foods that we like the most.

It is useless to follow a diet if that diet is not going to be constant over time. Learning to eat is important, but enjoying the food, it is also important, so it is essential to find the balance between a healthy meal and a rich and enjoyable meal. Eating healthy does not mean eating bland, or eating unflavored foods: you can create very good flavors with healthy food.

So, the key is the transition between our actual diet and the healthy one our body needs. This transition is what most society calls “diet” and most diets fail because it are understood as “the end”, while they are really “the way”.

The only way to suceed with a diet is to have a plan:

  1. analyze the actual diet, the one who made us unhappy, and find the meals or situations that are making us too fatty.
  2. think, in a realistic manner, the diet you should have if you had the weight you want to have; for example, if you want to be a fashion model, you should admit you won’t have tasty meals, it is your decission. If you just want to be a normal person, your diet will have common meals without surfeit; it must be a tasteful but reasonable diet. it’s absurd to eat only meals we do not like or light products which have most times even more sugar than the natural ones.
  3. once you determine the departure and the arrival, it’s easy to make a plan. It must be limited in time and intensity. If you try to reduce intakes dramatically, you will fail. In this travel, maybe you should visit a nutritionist or try some pills (check Diet Pill Resource) but you must set up some objectives and dates to check if your plan goes well or if you should make some changes.


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