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How sleeves can help you lose a lot of weight


Weight loss surgery is now so common that most people have heard of the gastric bypass and the lap band. However, the gastric sleeve is still reasonably new, but it is also becoming very popular. This is because the procedure is reasonably easy to perform, very safe, and delivers great results.

The Process of Sleeve Surgery

With sleeve surgery, a patient is placed under general anesthetic and small incisions are made in the abdominal cavity. Using laparoscopic tools, a surgeon staples the stomach length wise, reducing its size by as much as 85%. The result is a stomach that looks like a sleeve.

How Does it Work?

Basically, there is little difference between the working of a lap band or a gastric sleeve. Both stop patients from consuming as much food, thereby inducing rapid weight loss. It is a surgical procedure, which means there are some risks involved, but these are usually minimal. Additionally, this procedure is often used as a two part option, with people having a second surgery to bypass the stomach, generally 18 months after the sleeve, so that they lose even more weight.

Preparing for Surgery

Before you can have this type of surgery, you must stop smoking for at least one month before the procedure, and continue to stay off nicotine for one month afterwards. In so doing, you are less likely to develop infections. Other complications are also reduced.

Surgery After Your Operation

Sleeve surgery leads to very rapid weight loss, which can lead to people having a lot of excess skin. In this case, further cosmetic surgery is often required, for purely aesthetic reasons. However, this surgery is usually not covered by insurance companies, as it is cosmetic in nature.

Sleeve surgery is quite similar to other forms of weight loss surgery. After the procedure, it becomes very difficult to consume high amounts of food. Because there is also less opportunity for the body to absorb a lot of food, therefore, patients will have to take vitamin supplements all their life, thereby making sure they meet their nutritional needs. While the sleeve procedure is similar to other procedure, it is also a great improvement on others, mainly because the part of the stomach that is removed is where the Ghrelin is produced, which is the hormone that makes us feel hungry.

Are You Ready for Surgery?

Weight loss surgery often sounds as a miracle, easy option to lose a lot of weight, but it is not. You must understand that it is an invasive procedure that will change your life forever. There are potential complications of having surgery to be aware of, and you will have to make permanent lifestyle changes as well. This is something you have to be prepared for, and you must weigh up the different pros and cons before you decide to go ahead and have the surgery completed. Consultations with a surgeon and listening to their advice is vital, therefore.


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