In your daily journey, you can hear extreme opinions about how the world is changing and we are going directly to the end of the Humankind. Certainly the sky felt on the Little Chicken’s head, but for most of us, the life goes on and when you look back, the real life of the people was worse than today’s life.

If you want to take a look at the people around you, you simply need to cope with this idea: in the last 50 years, life expectancy has increased from 64 to 79 years in the western world. Are you 64 years old or more? Then, life has changed a lot for you. Isn’t?

Regarding the whole world, thing are even better. While OECD countries seem to have reached a point where wealth drives to inefficiency (and thus the actual economic stagnation), the rest of the world is living a great time. third world countries are growing at unknown rates and more and more people leave back poverty and access to basic goods (for us) as an apartment with water and electricity, a small car or public schools.

You only need to check real statistics elsewhere on the Internet to have a reality check: any past time was worse.

Are the nutritional habits worsening in the western world?

No. Not at all.

In the last decades we all have seen a change in nutrition patterns. Elder people tends to think the dishes they ate were better than the actual ones but really

  • food fifty years ago was nutritionally poor, and many kids had actual hunger so they receive supplements and free meals at schools
  • there was no control in any point of the chain from farm to mouth and many people died due to food infections
  • many habits were dangerous or or simply deadly and nobody realized it (think about smoking, for example)

Then, forty years ago, we reached a peak where processed food was always better than “the natural one” and it opened two decades of magic for corporations. Canned drinks and pre-cooked food arrived everywhere; kids lunch was infected with industrial bakery and country farmers become a backward and dangerous crowd.

But things are changing and more and more people are looking for their food more and more every day:

  • bad habits are not socially accepted anymore; smoking is something to be made outdoor and far away from schools and hospitals or being replaced by vaping (there is a lot of info about the advantages of vaping rather than smoking here in Tank Puffin).
  • processed food is slowly being replaced by healthy food, specially for kids (you should take a look at school’s cafeteria menus: you won’t believe it)
  • food has become a topic of public interest and every meal or piece of fruit is is subject to the strictest controls

And there is still another proof of this change in the public interest: YOU are reading this post and have your own opinion about food quality and about how your diet affects your whole life. Then we should start talking about the sedentary lifestyle and how the lack of physical activity could worsen our quality of life. But that is another story!


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