The end of January is coming and here are millions of new year’s resolutions quietly dying around the world. Maybe your idea of losing weight this year is in danger or you have already discarded it totally, but there is still hope. Maybe you set too ambitious or too demanding goals with yourself and now you look overwhelmed. The idea of failure is prowling around your head, but with these ideas below you may be able to redirect the situation.

1.- The time

Are you sure can or want you to lose so many weight in so little time? First of all, keep in mind your health: your body (and thus your whole metabolism) is accustomed to a rhythm of life that you cannot change suddenly. You cannot stop eating a varied food regularly or you cannot stop sleeping enough to go to the gym. All changes have to be progressive and implanted in long periods, at least long enough so that your body does not suffer in excess. It is true that “without pain there is no victory” but it is not necessary to accumulate all the pain at the beginning of the process. So, whatever your goal, you should change the timing of the process to start reducing the calories ingested little by little. It’s not about spending all day with an apple and a piece of toast; You can still eat a good hamburger, but try to eliminate potatoes or soda for fifteen days and then both; The next month you can eat salad one or two days a week and so on. You should also start gradually to leave the sedentary life. Why not start with fifteen minutes a day of hiking in a hurry? No need to run: just a morning walk to start the day better. There are many people who started like this and now they are consummate runners.

2.- The target

Maybe your dream is to be thin. That is a wrong goal, plain and simple. Thin people are as out of their reasonable weight as those who are overweight or obese. If you take a look at a table of weights or you look for in Internet a page that helps you find your Body Mass Index, you will discover that there is a wide range of possibilities to be healthy without being thin. Your goal should be to enter the second category of the four existing to categorize body weight: thin, normal, overweight and obese. And do not forget that it took you many years to get to your current situation. It’s impossible to go back in just a few weeks: the process should take you months or years.

3.- The rewards

Many people quit their weight loss diets because they fall into a curious trap: when they achieve a certain goal, they give themselves a prize consisting of food. No one can say that he or she has followed a complete diet without ever leaving the script. It is human to fall into temptation and sometimes it is impossible to avoid excessive food (dinners with relatives or friends, parties, etc.) but this should really be understood as a small failure, never as a prize. If you want to give yourself a reward, go to some cool stuff website (check out LookWhat’sCool) and spend there the money you’ve saved on sweet rolls (remember you were trying to lose weight, not save). The real reward is the feeling of joy that you will feel when you leave behind the extra pounds you have and how your body responds better when you need it.

So, maybe, you just should take pencil and paper and re-think that New Year’s resolution that you chose because it is good for you, really very good. Be honest with yourself and do not impose jobs that you know you cannot do. In the end it will have been worth it.


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