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What You Need to Know Before Tightening Your Skin Using Lasers


Laser skin tightening is a common procedure these days, but that doesn’t mean that you should make a skin tightening appointment before you know certain facts. Like any other medical procedure, it’s important to know how it works, what to expect from it, and what the potential benefits and risks are.

Lasers Can Sometimes Do What Your Body Can’t

The first thing you should know is that some laser treatments are meant to do something your body might not be able to do, encourage an increase in collagen. You see, collagen helps your skin’s cells to stay tight and close together. When your collagen levels drop off, the skin becomes lax, creating wrinkles.

Young people tend to have tighter, healthier looking skin than their older counterparts because of the body’s natural processes. Young people’s bodies make a lot of collagen, elastin, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and other substances as part of the process of puberty and young adulthood. Later in life the natural levels of those substances drop off. The use of skin tightening laser equipment can help to raise those levels again.

How Different Lasers Can Help You Tighten Your Skin in Different Ways

The next thing you need to know is that there are different ways to either tighten your skin or improve its general appearance using lasers. For example, you could have laser skin resurfacing (a laser peel) done on the surface of your skin. By cleaning out your pores, removing dead skin cells, and getting rid of blemishes on the surface, tighter, smoother lower layers can take the place of the old, dead, and damaged cells.

You could also choose to have a more generalized laser treatment with a non-ablative laser, which won’t have much impact, if any, on the surface of your skin. Instead, it will use a particular light frequency to improve the health of your lower skin cells. The effects will eventually start to show through on the surface as well, as your body repairs itself.

A third option is to have a Fraxel laser treatment, which can basically drill holes through all of your skin layers. In doing so, it will do two positive things for you. The first is that it will help any lotions or creams you apply to your skin to work their way down and be more effective. The second is that the tiny amount of damage done by the Fraxel laser will encourage your body to start repairing that damage. In the process, it should also repair other damage that was there from before you ever had the procedure done.

Laser Types, Skin Types, and General Timing Are Very Important

When choosing a laser treatment, keep in mind that they type of laser procedure isn’t the only important thing. Your skincare specialist will have to tell you if you are even a good candidate to be treated by lasers, since certain skin conditions and types don’t respond well to such procedures.

You also have to think about the timing. If you wait too long to seek help, the damage may not be reversible through laser treatment. Surgery might be the only choice available to you. Along those same lines, you also need to make sure that you don’t schedule laser appointments too close together. As long as you give your skin a proper amount of time to heal between sessions, you should begin to notice a positive difference in the tightness and general appearance of your skin.


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