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Common Eye Issues and Some Fixes


One of the more irritating but common basic health issues that people run into is trouble with their eyes. In most cases, you should at least see a doctor or optometrist to make sure something isn’t seriously wrong, but once you know the symptoms of lesser annoyances, you can take some steps to handle them yourself.

Five of these common issues include dry eyes, headaches, ocular migraines, light sensitivity, and fuzzy vision. As stated before, all of these can be indicators of something serious, so always consult a doctor, but once you know they’re related to something else, you can follow these tips to help.

Dry Eyes

There are lots of causes of dry eyes, but the result is that you feel like you always want to blink or itch your eyes. To help manage this, what you want to do is find some type of artificial tear eyedrops that you’re comfortable with, and you also want to occasionally wash your eyelids with baby shampoo and a warm washcloth in order to break up some of the oil that collects around your eyes. Not only will this help, it’s also very soothing as well.


Many types of headaches are related to strained vision. And this, these days at least, is often due to excessive screen time in front of computers or televisions. In addition to doing what you’d normally do to get rid of a headache, give your eyes a break from staring a fixed distance at something that is glowing. This may mean taking a few hours off of all of your social media feeds or video games!

Ocular Migraines

Many people get scared the first time they have an ocular migraine, mostly because they don’t really know what it is, and it surprises them that it’s annoying but there isn’t necessarily pain associated with it. Flashing lights that cover your vision are the classic sign that something is going on. This could be an indication of something serious, but it also could just be an indication that you need to take a break from whatever activity is currently stressing your eyes out.

Light Sensitivity

Especially as you get older, you can become more sensitive to light. And you can squint, wear funny hats, or cover your forehead with you hand if you want to be stubborn. But really, your most consistent bet is to get a few different sets of sunglasses that you keep available.

Fuzzy Vision

Fuzzy vision can happen as you get older and your eyes become less flexible. When that finally comes to a point where you need to do something about it, that’s usually when you’ll talk to your eye doctor about either bifocals or progressive lenses. Most people are extremely happy with the results, and this often prevents needing two pairs of glasses.


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