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How The Foods You Eat Affect Your Body

Health & FitnessHow The Foods You Eat Affect Your Body

Everything you put in or on your body has some effect on your health. Your skin absorbs the chemicals you put on it, so if they are bad for you, they could make you sick in excess. Smoking goes into your lungs and can work to create cancer or even just lead to breathing issues.

Certain foods can help your kidneys and certain foods can harm even more than them. You could be eating a diet of foods that are increasing your risk of diabetes, obesity and even heart conditions. You may think that your American diet is normal, but it’s really an unhealthy path to an early death.

Fast Food

Did you know that most fast food meals have enough calories in them to account for the calories you need in one whole day? This is just one of the many reasons why fast food of any kind is a bad choice. Even a salad from a fast food joint likely to have triple the calories than something you could make fresh at home.

If you do need to eat out, maybe because you work on the road, get healthy with your choices. Opt for a side salad instead of a dinner salad. Get grilled chicken instead of fried, and maybe even skip the bun on your sandwiches to lighten the calorie intake.

Sugary Snacks

Sugar is your enemy when it comes to refined sugars anyway. You get plenty of natural sugar when you eat your proper serving of fruit a day. All that extra sugar is messing with your blood sugar levels and increasing your risk of diabetes.

It’s also rotting away your teeth and adding to your waistline. Start reading labels and pick foods that use natural sugar substitutes, like honey Remember, high fructose corn syrup is just as bad as that refined sugar.

Too Much Sodium

Ever notice your hand or feet swelling up even a little bit after a meal? Next time that happens you should look at how much sodium was in what you just ate. While the body does favor some sodium to live, mainly iodized salt for the iodine content, you don’t need anywhere near as much as is found in processed foods.

In fact, if your doctor deems your blood pressure high the first thing they are going to do is put you on a no salt diet. Instead of table salt, try sea salt, in smaller quantities. Use other non-sodium seasonings to flavor food as well.

Animal By-Products

There are good things and bad things about the foods that come from animals. Meat contains a lot of great nutrients that help the body grow strong and help give you the energy to get through the day. However, you can get many of these nutrients in vegetables as well.

Animal by-products, including milk, help build strong bones. However, people with normal metabolism cannot properly process lactose in milk. If you’re skipping red meat and dairy you should be taking at least an iron supplement and a K2 supplement to keep your blood and bones healthy!



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