I’m sure we have all had some experience or exposure to stretch marks over the course of our lives. Stretch marks, or striae, are a form of skin scarring that is often associated with pregnancy, excessive weight gain, puberty and short term weight gain from bodybuilding or other strenuous activities. Stretch marks form when the dermis (middle layer of the skin) is stretched more than it can tolerate. The dermis is what is responsible for shape and elasticity so when the connecting fibres in the skin eventually break, they disrupt the collagen production and cause scarring. This scarring can either be lived with and embraced or treated through stretch mark removal. More of us than ever are seeking out the best and most affordable stretch mark removal techniques due to media and celebrity influences. If you, too, are affected by stretch marks for whatever reason and would like to be able to remove them, then do read on about the technological options that have made their removal possible.

Natural Stretch Mark Removal

In order to compare without bias how different forms of stretchmark removal works then we must also consider the non-technology based options on the market too. Traditional stretch mark removals include creams, lotions and recommendation for a better diet and exercise. There are a wide variety of products available on the market for natural removal or reduction of skin scarring. These methods fail to produce satisfactory results for many individuals, particularly if the stretchmarks are well developed or cover a larger area.

Micro-Needling For Stretch Mark Removal

There are an extensive range of micro-needling treatments that are used to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. Microfilm uses micro-needling and radiofrequency to stimulate the production of new collagen while high frequency mesotherapy will inject a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients to promote skin cell growth. There is also the tool called a derma roller that will trigger your skin’s natural healing power and uses tiny needles that are rolled over the affected area, causing the skin to renew itself, thus eliminating stretch marks.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Laser stretch mark removal works when a beam of light is issued to remove the thin layers of skin that surround the stretch marks. The excimer laser is particularly effective when it comes to this procedure as instead of burning or cutting the affected skin areas like other lasers, it uses high energy ultraviolet laser to disrupt the molecular bonds which causes the tissue to disintegrate. This process is called ablation and once the stretch mark removal is complete the area will heal quickly and a new layer of skin will form.

Surgical Stretch Mark Removal

Surgical stretch mark removal is often the only effective option for the complete and permanent removal of stretch marks. Other methods including natural stretchmark removal techniques can fade stretch marks without removing them. While surgery poses greater risk, it is sometimes the only solution.

If you are seriously considering treatment for your stretch marks then do get in touch with a reputable company or your doctor for further treatment advice.


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