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Taking Care Of Your Heart Should Be A Year-Round Commitment

Health & FitnessTaking Care Of Your Heart Should Be A Year-Round Commitment

February is Heart Health awareness month, a time when a strong focus is placed on the causes of heart disease, treatment and prevention. It is an annual ritual, with a flurry of activities and campaigns designed to educate and inform the general public about the dangers and risks, and the measures they can take to reduce them.

New statistical data released by the American Heart Association, points to a projected rise of up to 46%, in people diagnosed with heart failure by the year 2030. This should set off alarms across every demographical segment of the population that change is needed. The good news in this data suggests that advances in diagnostic technology have increased our ability to spot problems early that in the past, might have gone unnoticed, and has allowed for quick interventional treatment, thus ensuring a higher rate of patient survival. So much of the projected rate might be due to people living longer, but with risk factors that are always there.

It is a well-recognized fact that heart disease is the leading killer among both men and women in the United States. According to data from the Heart Foundation, 1 in 4 deaths is caused by heart disease, around 1 million annually, cutting across all races and ethnicities. Heart disease affects 43 million women and 1 in 3 will die from it. Over 700,000 people suffer heart attacks each year in the U.S. and it can occur at any age, but you are more likely at risk if you are 65 years of age and over.

The probability of heart disease is further enhanced when you add corroborating health factors such as high cholesterol, stress, high blood pressure, diabetes; and lifestyle choices that serve to further undermine the health of your heart such as smoking, alcohol use, a poor diet, binge eating and a lack of physical activity. All of this eventually takes its toll, not only on the individual, but becomes a burden on the overall economy due to health costs and the loss of work time.

Dr. Sparman, an internationally renowned interventional cardiologist, founder of The Sparman Clinic and head of Life Pill Laboratories LLC believes that heart health should be a 12 months, 365 days of the year commitment and while it is good that we devote a month to addressing how we control and prevent heart-related issues, he recommends that we give equal attention to a more holistic/plant-based approach and moderate lifestyle changes, which in fact promotes longevity and a better quality of life without invasive procedures or Rx treatments.

A healthier, more rewarding life begins by respecting and taking charge of the body you were given. Important modifications to your lifestyle are often easy, not painstaking. The data shows that when you became proactive about reducing risk factors that shorten life expectancy, the rewards outweigh any of the discomforts or withdrawal symptoms.


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