Anti-ageing cosmetic procedures have been growing in popularity over recent years and one of the most popular types of procedures being undertaken by both men and women is a chemical skin peel. These can also be referred to as derma-peels and chemexfoliation and are conducted with the application of chemicals to the skin on your face which cause the skin to peel off and allows new skin to replace the old. The skin that is grown back is typically less wrinkled and much smoother in appearance, which creates a youthful look. Skin peels are not available on the NHS so it is important to find a reputable company or cosmetic practitioner to conduct the procedure safely and responsibly.

A chemical skin peel can be performed on not only the face, but on the neck and hands too. It is typically used to improve mild scarring, reduce age spots and wrinkles, brighten up the complexion and also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. What is most interesting is the research conducted around sun damaged areas of the face which cause scaly spots as a result of pre-cancerous keratosis building up. With skin peels it has been found that the lesions are less likely to appear. Certain skin conditions on the face do not fare well with the skin peel procedure and these involve severe wrinkles and any sagging or bulges that can be found on the surface of the face.

Skin peels are ideal for those who have fair hair and skin and those with darker skin may also achieve great results with a skin peel depending on what the treatment is being used to combat. In either case, a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will help to determine which course of action is best to take and whether a skin peel is the best solution for you.

A chemical peel is typically performed in a cosmetic surgeon’s room or at a cosmetic surgery centre. Prior to the procedure your skin will be cleansed thoroughly by the application of an agent that removes any oil remaining on your skin. Your eyes and hair are also covered up and protected from the chemicals being used. The application of various chemicals such as lactic acid, carbolic acid and salicylic acid (among many others) creates a controlled wound on your skin and is what caused regenerated skin to appear.

The process typically takes around thirty minutes to complete and involve no downtime which is why so many people champion them. Depending on your skin type and other factors you could require anything from a course of one to several treatments in order to really see the results. It is important to remember to apply face sunscreen in order to protect your sensitive skin post treatment.

Many people use chemical skin peels on a regular basis as a way of keeping skin looking fresh and smooth for a long period of time. If you are looking for a brighter complexion through a relatively pain-free and affordable treatment, skin peels may be ideal cosmetic procedure for you.


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