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Five Staples Of A Healthy Diet

Health & FitnessFive Staples Of A Healthy Diet

If you want to live a healthier life, your pantry and fridge need an overhaul. There are certain food items that you need to have if you want to be healthy. You may be cutting out some things your body thinks that it needs, so you need to be prepared with foods that can help curb your cravings.

If you have a salt addiction, pickles and green olives can give you that sodium kick you need in a more healthier package. If you have a sweet tooth you can opt for a sliver of dark chocolate, or you can fill up on some healthy fruits and berries containing natural sugars instead of refined ones. Here are some must have food items for your healthy diet.

Egg Whites And Lean Protein

Protein is important to a healthy diet, and while you can get protein from non-animal sources there are still some elements you need from animal byproducts (like vitamin K2). You can be a meat eater and still be healthy, it’s just a matter of picker leaner meats, and leaner cuts of meat. Consider chicken and turkey as your top choices.

Eggs are one of those food items that are considered bad at one moment and then good for you the next. Even if you are still siding with the idea that eggs are bad for your cholesterol you can still benefit from adding egg whites to your diet.

Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a must for any healthy diet, whether you try to lose weight or just be healthy. The vitamins and minerals in these foods help keep your body going. They can fight illnesses of all kinds.

Popcorn For Snacking

If you have an affinity for things like potato chips, you may want to check into something better for your health. Popcorn is an excellent substitute for crunchy snack foods, but you need to make it right. Invest in an air popper, skip the butter and oils, and use sea salt or other seasonings for flavor.

Whole Grains

Pass on the white bread and pasta. Instead, get whole grain items with more nutrients (and less bleach) in them. Whole grain bread can also add more flavor to your meals. Whether or not you have a gluten free eater in your home, you could consider getting pasta made with ancient grains, like quinoa.


Replace sugary drinks with water. It’s the best thing for you to drink. It’s refreshing and helps clean your system out.

If you need some extra flavor, infuse your water with fresh fruits and/or vegetables, or make some tea. If you’re a caffeine drinker, coffee (in moderation) is good for you and you could also opt to have a caffeinated tea, like chai or earl grey. Limit yourself to a cup a day, as caffeine is an addictive substance.


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