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Bikini Countdown is Underway! Tips to Get Ready for the Summer


If you are looking at the calendar, you may be wondering where has the time gone. It seems like it was just yesterday the world was ringing in the New Year, and now, people are already planning their summer vacations.
Do not let another summer pass if you want to get into shape. There are some tips you can use to fast track your weight loss and toning goals for the summer.


One of the best ways to get yourself into one of those beautiful Jessica Simpson bikinis is to improve your posture. Not only will you alleviate any back issues, but you may instantly look several pounds thinner. When you slouch, you take away inches from your height, while at the same time you make your stomach appear larger and rounder. n
Try to maintain good posture by making sure your back remains straight and your shoulders stay back. Keep your weight evenly distributed on both of your hips. Your reflection and your body will thank you.


Before swimsuit season begins, try to move your body more. You can park your car further away from the door, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or do one of your favorite cardio exercises several times a week. It is comparable to putting pennies into your jar or piggybank. Over time, small physical activities will add up.
Turn up the music and dance, clean your house, wash your car or garden. Each drip of sweat will help you get to your goal.

Push Ups

Push ups are favorite exercises because you can tone multiple muscles at once. With each push up, you are working these muscles:

  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Abs
  • Pecs
  • Gluteals
  • Deltoids

Always get your doctor’s approval before beginning any new exercise program.


For toning your thighs and butt, do squats. Beginners can use an exercise ball or wall to assist them while squatting. Make sure your feet stay hip-width apart, and your knees stay over your ankles. Try squeezing your abs to ensure you do not arch back. Once you become stronger, you can add dumbbells or a kettlebell to your workout.
Never continue an exercise if you do not feel right. If you begin to get dizzy or lightheaded, stop immediately and consult with your doctor.

Calories – Reduce Them or Not?

There is a lot of conflicting nutritional and fitness advice regarding calories and how they play a role in your weight loss efforts. Despite what many believe, the number of calories you eat will determine whether your body loses excess pounds or packs on more pounds.
This means that you can do squats until the cows come home, but you will not see any weight loss if you do not rein in your caloric intake. An easy way to begin is to switch out those fries for a veggie plate or a piece of fruit.
You will notice more weight loss by cutting out refined carbohydrates like white pasta, white bread, sugar and white rice. These types of foods will wreak havoc on your body and appetite.

Eat Protein

Foods that are high in fiber and protein can actually help to slow down the digestive process in the body. Your stomach will stay fuller a lot longer, and it will send your brain a message to stop eating. This means your body will learn to become satisfied by consuming less calories.

Be Choosy About Salad

While a salad can fill you up and help you resist fattening meals, remember that not every salad is a low-calorie salad. Oils, croutons, dressings, cheese and bacon bits will add plenty of calories and fat to what is supposed to be a healthy salad.
You can still have a salad, but make sure it is nutritious, low fat and has vibrant vegetables like peppers and spinach.

Boost Fiber

Fiber does not only help to curtail your appetite, it can also help you fight off the archenemy of bikini wearers around the world, the dreaded bloating and constipation. Maintaining a high fiber diet will help to keep your tummy flat. Just be sure you do not include too much fiber into your diet too quickly, and always drink lots of water.
Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are full of fiber. Legumes are also high in fiber.

Leave the Salt on the Table

Even though the iodine present in salt is beneficial, salt can leave you bloated for days. This is not ideal when you are ready to debut your new bikini. Reduce your salt intake by opting for fresh foods instead of canned ones. When eating out, tell the waiter to make sure the sauce is on the side.
The countdown for bikini season began on January 1. Add these tips to your health and fitness routine and be ready to catwalk on the beach.


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