For some women, just the mention of the words “hair loss” is enough to raise anxiety levels and unfortunately, millions of females around the world suffer from some form of hair thinning or loss. The modern career woman depends on her appearance and suddenly noticing large clumps of hair on the pillow or in the brush, will surely lower any woman’s morale. Fortunately, there are practical solutions that are both non-surgical and affordable treatments that not only replace the lost hair, but also allow you to lead a full and active lifestyle.

Online Clinics

If you happen to live in the UK, and suffer from this condition, consider female hair thinning treatment from Hair Solved, a market leader in modern hair replacement systems that are both non-surgical and affordable. They have clinics in all regions of the British Isles, and after expert diagnosis, the therapists can advise you on the best treatment.

Hair Extensions

By matching the colour and texture of your hair, human hair extensions are carefully weaved into your existing hair, and they even have an innovative mesh system that fits neatly over the scalp, and the human hair extensions are attached to this. Once the process has been completed, the stylist will give you whatever look you desire, and there is no limit to what you can achieve, regarding a new look.

Causes of Hair Loss

The condition could be hereditary, which is a form of alopecia and the thinning of the hair can suddenly commence at any time, and would normally affect the front hairline, or perhaps the side of the scalp. Hormone changes, triggered by genetic code in the DNA, cause the new hair follicle to become a miniature version of its predecessor, and this cycle continues until the new strand no longer regrows. Hormonal imbalances also cause temporary hair loss, and pregnancy is a typical time for a woman to suffer temporary hair loss. Traumatic events can cause sudden hair loss, but this usually stops as soon as the anxiety is no longer present. If a person were particularly stressed about a family or career issue and this affected their diet and sleep patterns, then it is very likely that hair loss will be the result. Even the slightest hormone imbalance can trigger the onset of hair loss, and there are many situations when that might happen. Acute depression can sometimes cause hair loss, as can a poor diet, and of course, there are medical treatments where hair loss is a side effect. Chemotherapy patients have to endure a few months of total baldness, and this is one condition where non-surgical hair replacement treatments are ideal, as the new hair can grow uninhibited through the system.

There is no known cure for hair loss, and while some women will opt for hair transplant, it is both expensive and not guaranteed to be successful. Non-surgical hair replacement systems offer the modern woman an affordable way to cover up any thinning or loss, and she can live a fully active lifestyle, confident the hair loss issue is firmly a thing of the past.


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