There’s a traditional route many addicts take when becoming clean, but sadly, this method is not successful for all. With the usual drug treatments requiring an addict to remove themselves from the ‘real’ world, a lot of addicts find it difficult when returning to the life they lead beforehand.

When placed in a rehab center, there is little chance of encountering triggers, and it is almost impossible for an addict to find a fix, meaning they eventually become clean. However, when they return home, they are faced with the temptations and an alien lifestyle they do not know how to cope with.

This is why it is important to consider the mental wellbeing of an addict, maybe more so than the physical. A person may become clean, but it is the long-term care of the person’s emotional and psychological health that can keep them off the drugs and lessen the chances of relapse.

Although rehab centers are a safe place for addicts when detoxing with the constant help of doctors and nurses, it can cause a person to feel removed from society. This is why we’re offering alternative treatment ideas for those who struggle with traditional treatments.

Non-Twelve Step Drug Rehab

Many addiction treatment programs like to use the typical 12-step program, such as AA. These programs ask the participants to follow a series of steps in a certain order which is intended to lead to long-term sobriety. However, a lot of people do not like the regimented routine because once the steps have been completed, they may feel lost.

Therefore, non-12 programs exist and have proved effective – just make sure you consider your situation, friendship groups, etc. Even the smallest of things can cause a significant impact.

Pouyan Method

Created by Johnny the Healer, the Pouyan Method has proven to be an ideal remedy for the detoxification of drug addicts. This method makes sure to treat the treatment of addiction as if it were a genetic condition, and therefore incorporates organic foods, herbs and ibogaine treatment. It also includes massage therapy, coffee enemas and juice cleanses; refusing to involve any prescription medication.

If an all-natural detox sounds appealing make sure to look at luxury treatment centers that offer these treatments.

Adventure Therapy (AT)

If you consider yourself an active individual and love the outdoors, then Adventure Therapy could help with your rehabilitation. AT allows you to feel more motivated, therefore, you will be more engaged in your therapy sessions which will help you self-reflect and work through your addictions. This therapy provides the opportunities for you to learn more on how to react to stressful situations and also acquire feedback on the environment or situation that largely impacted a response, etc.


This experimental treatment allows addicts to participate in acting out a scene which is often related to personal issues. By acting out different situations, you have the opportunity to act in many ways that allow you see how these impact other people and yourself. Therefore, you can develop effective coping mechanisms if a situation was ever to arise in real life. Psychodrama may also be able to resolve underlying trauma which could be the trigger to the addiction.


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