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Root Canal Complications Are Best Seen By An Endodontic Specialist


Root canals are very common procedures often performed by dentists, but there’s a reason many dental professionals will refer their patients to an endodontic specialist. Any major procedure is better handled by professionals who have studied and trained specifically, and root canal therapy is particularly detailed and complex. Underneath the hard shell of the tooth is the soft tissue where the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues that keep the tooth healthy and alive are found. If that tissue becomes infected, it can become painful and require a root canal, and this is where the pain comes from as the actual enamel and dentin of the tooth cannot feel pain. This is the area that root canals target; it’s an anatomically complex part of the human body and errors are not uncommon when the procedure is not performed by a specialist.

One common procedure performed by Toronto endodontic specialists York Hill Endodontics is retreatment, where a tooth has not healed properly after the first procedure. Some of the reasons you may need retreatment include complex anatomy that was missed during your first procedure, contamination inside the tooth that couldn’t be prevented, possibly because of a delay in crowning the tooth, or narrow canals that were missed at first. CBCT scanning allows specialists like York Hill Endodontics to detect complex anatomy with greater accuracy than a general practice dentist, giving you a second chance to preserve the affected tooth.

A root canal is best done by a specialist who is trained to deal with the sensitive tissue that makes up the pulp inside teeth. As opposed to dentists who take a more general approach to the whole mouth, endodontic specialists have much more specialized skills and equipment. Retreatments such as those performed at York Hill Endodontics are often the result of a tooth that didn’t heal properly or became diseased again. Instead of having to go through the trouble twice, why not save yourself the trouble and see a specialist the first time.

In addition to root canal therapy, some of the endodontic specialists Toronto residents rely on for their dental care also treat issues such as cracked teeth and traumatic injuries that are often the result of sports. Injuries like these often lead to a tooth being pushed sideways, and a specialist can reposition it.

Endodontic specialists are also trained to locate microfractures that don’t show up in dental X-rays but can lead to cracks and deep structural damage if not treated promptly. They also find hidden canals inside teeth that are missed by dental x-rays but which can lead to tooth infections and root damage. These hidden canals often lead up to many different illnesses and diseases that plague our teeth as we get older. They allow bacteria to reach deep into our teeth and infect the vulnerable soft tissue within, all without your knowledge, causing an infection. Unless it’s being looked at by an expert, the injuries caused by micro-fractures and hidden canals aren’t visible until it’s too late. But they are real and they can be damaging, which is why it is so important to have your teeth treated by an endodontic specialist. They have the training and knowledge necessary to find and treat these hidden canals and the damage they accrue before it’s too late.


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