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Three Benefits of a Health Spending Account


Subscribing to a healthcare plan is a great way of avoiding future financial shortcomings in case of medical emergencies. In today’s world, keeping fit and maintaining a healthy body is becoming expensive by the day. This is due to a number of factors including fluctuating economies, expensive medical drugs and inflated hospital fees. Healthcare plans have become paramount in offsetting some of these financial impediments. These plans help subscribers settle hospital bills, receive prescription drugs at affordable rates and obtain other medical services at subsidized rates.

Healthcare plans come in different forms. While some provide coverage for all medical needs, others only deal with a limited number of medical services. Additionally, most healthcare plans are controlled by either the government or an insurance firm. These institutions determine how much money you can spend on a particular medical case. This limits coverage, as it controls total medical expenditure.

However, one medical plan that is fast gaining popularity is the health spending account ( HSA ). As its name implies, this is a special account established to cater for healthcare services including those not covered by traditional healthcare plans. After opening this account, users have to deposit an amount of money of their choice, into the account. Additionally, it is not obligatory to subscribe to an insurance policy, as it is the case with traditional plans. Here are a few more benefits of this medical spending account.

1. Flexibility

Users can decide how much they need to deposit into the account. Unlike conventional healthcare plans where monthly deposits are fixed by the insuring company, HSA allows users to set their minimum deposit. Moreover, these deductions can act as corporate tax deductions, allowing users to pay less taxes.
Additionally, this account comes with various insurance options, which provide protection against unexpected costs that might arise during travel or vacation. This account also covers other medical expenses such as fertility treatment and laser eye surgery, among many others.

2. Accessibility

HSA plan is easily accessible to self-employed persons, small businesses, and large corporations. Students too can open HSA without any restrictions. What makes this plan more appealing is its accessibility by additional family members outside the spouse and children. Dependents can add other family members outside the traditional nucleus family.

3. Convenience

This type of medical plan is convenient in that users can make deposits and forward claims from anywhere, using their Smartphones or tablets. A user does not have to leave the comfort of his home or office to make a claim. In addition, users can select a wide range of eligible expenses that are not covered by traditional medical plans.

Take Away

HSA provides a viable health solution to any business entity, regardless of its size. However, in healthcare insurance circles, the rule of thumb is that you should always carry out a comprehensive research of any company before settling for their products. One reputable company that has made a name for itself in providing HSA accounts is Benecaid. Benecaid HSA accounts provide the optimum medical solution for small businesses of all sizes.


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