The 21st century is marked by digital information – and the digitalisation is taking over everywhere, including in the field of dentistry. This is a good thing; as a matter of fact, it is a great thing. Dentists are now able to hold consultations, give advice, and perform surgeries like they have never done before, simply because the field of dentistry has modernised so much.

In essence, digital dentistry is not so much different as the dentistry performed before the digital age – except for the fact that information is much more detailed. The consequences thereof, however, are enormous. The fact that information can be attained much quicker, analysed much faster, stored much easier, and passed on to a network of specialists within seconds, means that the patient receives a much better quality of service. Here’s an overview of digital dentistry and its most important benefits.

What exactly is digital dentistry?

When you’re talking about the digital world – including digital dentistry – you’re talking about a broad topic. To get a general idea, it’s often useful to take a look at how traditional methods in dentistry can be modified to go digital. For example, the film-based options (photography and X-rays) can now be done with digital means. Dental fitting and creating dentures can now be done with precise 3D scans. The list goes on and on.

What are the major advantages?

There are many advantages – and here’s the main benefit: they are complementary and increase the efficiency of the dentist in an exponential way. Truly, one plus one does not equal two. Nor three. The combined benefits ensure the sky is the limit. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Quick and easy picture processing
  • Easy storage, saving money and time
  • Fast communication and consultation with experts
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increase in predictable outcomes of procedures.

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Going digital does not mean you have to change your whole approach – as a matter of fact, the transition to going digital can be done in a very smooth and comprehensive way. Never be afraid of doing some research.

Dentistry has come a long way – and in the past decades it has taken a serious leap. There is no longer any need to wait for a long time for pictures (such as X-rays) to develop and be printed. There is no longer any need to wait a long time for the opinion of a specialist who lives quite a distance away. There is no longer any need to have dentures made to order to very specific measurements. The digital means make it all so much easier. Digital dentistry will soon be – if it isn’t already – the new norm.


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