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Reclaim Your Health With A Fitness Coach

Health & FitnessReclaim Your Health With A Fitness Coach

In Coquitlam British Columbia, when it comes to personal training we are dedicated to you and your fitness goals, we hold both ourselves and you accountable to ensure the success in weight loss and obtaining a strong health body.

The Need for Higher Standards and Regulations in the Fitness Industry

Walking in to a place where fitness is being sold, it is important that you find a reputable place that will meet your needs and keep you protected. You want to know that you are being trained by professionals. You never want to end up like Ms. Capati of Indiana who had a stroke as a result of a recommendation of a personal trainer. Always, see your doctor before starting a fitness program and ask for the credentials of your trainer. Though often taken lightly, this warning is especially important for people who have never worked out before or are 40 plus. Better to be safe than sorry!

The Shortcomings of Conventional Gyms that do not hold their Clients Accountable

There is one new way to ensure the success of your client in weight loss and body strengthening and that is for our personal trainers here at Coquitlam British Columbia to hold our clients accountable. Food logs and education are just two examples on how to hold a client accountable set for the by the National Federation of Professional Trainers. We will discuss this organization more in the next section, but what’s important is that you work with someone who wants you to succeed, and knows how to hold you accountable. After all, personal trainers are there to guide you in your efforts. While they can’t do the heavy lifting for you, they will be there to help guide you along the way and get results you couldn’t have gotten all alone.

Working With Professional Staff

It is important to ask your personal trainer what certification they hold, and the answer should be lots! You want to know that you are getting professional advice when it comes to weight loss and training. You can learn a little bit about what a certified personal trainer should be, and you can even visit the National Federation of Professional Trainers to see what the professionals can do for you!

When someone has taken the time to get certified as a personal trainer, you know that they have a personal investment in doing well. You want to be respected as an individual and have someone who truly cares for you as you go through your training. For those that live in North York or Toronto, stop by Housefit.ca and check out the qualifications of their trainers. They are dedicated to their industry, and have years of experience in the field, and that’s exactly what you want to see in your trainer. Whatever fitness trainer you choose and whichever fitness organization make they are certified, experienced and friendly. After all, you will be spending lots of time with them!


  1. My family members every time say that I am wasting my time while exercising alone.
    Maybe I shoul think about a personal trainer.


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