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Simple Stress Relief Tips You Can Try at Home


Are you stressed out with life, work, and the universe? Are the kids driving you insane? Does the thought of spending a month on a desert island all alone appeal? If so, you are probably suffering from stress.
In short bursts, stress is good for us, but the longer it goes on, the more damage it wreaks on your body. Long-term stress causes all kinds of dangerous physical problems, so you should never ignore stress in your life. The good news is that there are a few things you can do at home to relieve the symptoms of stress, and most are cheap and cheerful.

Have a Massage

Massage is a great stress-relieving therapy. A deep tissue massage can be rather painful, but a good masseuse will be able to untangle your tight tissues and leave you with a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Most celebs swear by massage as a form of therapy, so book a massage if you are feeling stressed. If you don’t have time to visit a masseuse, invest in an OSIM massage chair for the home. That way, you can have a healing massage anytime you feel overwhelmed. It’s also good for your back!

Take a Hot Bath

Soaking in a hot bath is very relaxing. Add a few drops of essential oil to aid stress relief; Lavender, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang oils are all good for stress and anxiety. Make sure you lock the door and light a few candles. You could also set a portable radio to a classical music channel to help your mind drift off for 20 minutes.

Walk the Dog

The dog needs a walk and although you may not feel like going back out after a long day at the office, he and you will benefit from the exercise. A brisk walk gives you some mental space to help clear the cobwebs. Don’t think about your problems. Instead, focus on the here and now; throw a stick for the dog and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

Go to the Gym

Hitting the gym is hard work, but after an energetic workout, you will feel a lot less stressed. Physical exercise is actually very good for stress, which is why busy executives love to go for a run before and after a stressful day. Hard exercise floods the system with endorphins. With a ton of endorphins rushing through your veins, you can’t help but feel happy.

Watch Reality TV

There is nothing like a session of brain-dead reality TV to detox the mind after a tough day. Catch the latest episode of The Bachelor or America’s Next Top Model and cabbage on the sofa for an hour. Since watching reality TV requires very few brain cells, it should help you unwind and de-stress. Pour a glass of wine if it’s been a really bad day.

Other ways to unwind and de-stress include reading a good book, having a nap, or even having sex. The last suggestion should get a thumb’s up from your partner, too.


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