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Astounding Healing Powers of Yoga: The Scientific Reality You Never Knew


The health and healing through yoga’ debate is packed with proponents proclaiming its divine, therapeutic qualities.

From heart failure patients to cancer treatment survivors, all attesting to how much this mysterious Eastern art has helped ease their recovery road towards living a more fulfilling life. You have probably even heard the ambitious promise of inner peace it presents to its devoted practitioners as well. In fact, master trainers wear this calm and pragmatic aura in the way they carry themselves all the time.

Could there be real substance behind all this?

Or is it all just voodoo talk from old, crazy people inclined by sticking to outdated, old ways? To answer this question, we’re going to go empirical today and let science spill the beans, so that we can really know what’s what. The time has come to expose the ugly truth, once and for all.

1. Banish That Inflammation

Inflammation of joints is common among insomniacs and patients ailing or recuperating from strokes, heart conditions, osteoarthritis, and post cancer treatment. This ball probably hits comma survivors the hardest. Symptoms include reduced joint mobility, flexibility and excruciating pain on flexion of these joints. It is believed that yoga can restore your body to its former self and spare you from enduring treacherous pain in the long term.

Is this belief true?

Research conducted on breast-cancer recovery patients showed a significant reduction in three inflammation-related proteins in the body (i.e., cytokines). This was after months of yoga therapy, whereas a placebo group showed a higher concentration of the same protein in the blood stream. In fact, the patients that took up yoga confessed to experiencing more energy, better sleep, relaxation and reduced fatigue and pains. Exactly why researchers found these results is entirely baffling.

However, experts do suggest that this could be due to the reduced stress levels that come with the package with yoga. This would lead to better sleep at night, less pain reception and a refreshed and rested body. This gives it ample time to recover.

Similar research has also shown the same results for heart condition patients. Diabetes patients have also been found to exhibit improved levels of glucose and insulin, which are crucial to their daily survival.

2. Stop Stressing

Yoga is said to have the intriguing ability to relax your body, mind, and soul.

After partaking in relaxing poses like Savasana, I experienced first-hand, how it took my mind off never-ending office reports and pending bills at home. The pieces of the puzzle just seemed to fit. However, some would argue that lying down in bed at home at 9 pm at night would have the exact same effect.

Is this a true statement?

Let’s let science take the podium once more and see where the eternal, unconditional truth lies (no pun intended). A research targeting stress markers in nurses working in a high traffic hospital was once conducted.

Of course, the sample was divided into two: the experimental group who took yoga for 3 months and a placebo group, which continued with their everyday affairs as usual.

The yoga group displayed fewer stress markers in their saliva as opposed to the placebo group. These nurses also attested to being more relaxed and feeling a heightened sense of happiness and positivity at work. Another subjective assessment was conducted on students in a high poverty area, where subsistence is a major source of worry for most of the students. It was documented that the students found it much easier to concentrate on math lessons following a good session of yoga.

In fact, the teacher verified that the students work so much better after reducing their urge to get up and play by indulging in yoga instead.

So, if you had doubts about the healing powers of yoga, then fret no longer, because the fact-heavy voice of science has spoken in black and white. It turns out that yoga isn’t a bunch of old age, mumbo jumbo after all. Click here for more info on yoga: https://www.gymgearinfo.com/best-travel-yoga-mat-reviews/

You can also head over to Gym Gear Info to check out some of the yoga mat reviews just in case you are looking to join a yoga class yourself.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about this article. Do you have your own yoga, health recovery story to tell? Do share it with us in the comments section below. We are dying to hear it.


  1. I believe that the daily practice of a few minutes of yoga is a natural method to get rid of the accumulated tension daily (in both the physical and mental body) and meditation is an effective technique to release us from the stress accumulated throughout our lifetime.

    • It is surprising, but yoga can even help you improve your relationship with your partner, your parents, friends or loved ones. A relaxed, happy and happy mind is able to deal sensitively and sensitively with our daily relationships.

  2. I believe you have to be careful with the physical effects that can result from yoga breathing exercises. Unless they are done correctly, there is a good chance of damaging the brain. And people who practice this kind of breathing without adequate supervision can suffer a disease that no known science or doctor can cure.

  3. We often assume that the benefits of yoga are toned arms, a flexible body and the ability to invert our body over the head. But the practice of yoga goes far beyond the physical.


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