Despite the fact that wearing eyeglasses are now considered trendy, some people are still afraid of putting on the lenses. Maybe they’re not used to an extension on their face.
On the other hand, perhaps they worry about getting teased. Well, there is no need to worry. Glasses are cool, and here are all the reasons you should wear them proudly.

You Need Them

It goes without saying that if you need glasses to help with your eyesight, then you should wear them. In fact, searching through women’s eyeglass frames, as well as men’s shows that there are so many options available for you.
In addition, contact lenses are so 90s. Glasses are all the rage right now. There isn’t anything cute about struggling to see something. And, you certainly can’t drive without a clear view.
So, instead of bumping into things and standing right next to your screen, you should wear eyeglasses.

Glasses Are More Comfortable Than Contacts

Putting in contacts is not fun. Poking your eye is not a normal action, it feels very foreign. It’s much easier to put on eyeglasses than it is to fish for your contacts in your lens case.
When you are sleeping, and wake up, it’s so much more convenient to pop on your eyeglasses than to open your contact lens case and try to put them on your eyeballs. Plus, if you wear your contact lens for too long, they can quickly get dry and itchy.
And, if you accidentally sleep with them in your eyes, you can expect red eyes in the morning. Moreover, it’s easier to lose contact lenses than it is to lose eyeglasses. Have you ever dropped a contact lens on a dirty surface?
You then have to think twice about putting them back in your eyes, even if you clean them. In contrast, you can just pop on your sunglasses at any time without cleaning, rubbing or hoping they don’t fall out.

Eyeglasses Are Stylish

There are so many types of eyeglasses, that you can easily use them as a fashion accessory and make a statement. You’ve got an almost-endless supply of shapes, sizes, styles and hues.
You can make a statement or pick a lens and color that works best with your face shape and skin tone.

People Find You More Approachable

You might find that people will consider you a nicer, more intelligent and successful person. Eyeglasses can humanize you, showing that nobody is perfect. This is what makes it easier for people to open up to you instead of staring at their mobile devices.
It can really help your social life as you notice more people asking you questions, for advice and for your input.

Your Eye Health Will Improve

Contact lenses decreases the oxygen supply over your corneas. Then, you can get hypoxia which leads to read eyes. Plus, if your lenses are dirty, you have an increased risk of getting an eye infection.
Not to mention, people who wear contact lenses often experience dry eyes. When you wear glasses, you have less eye discomfort than contact lens-wearers. You also decrease the risk of eye infection and improve the oxygen flow to your eyes.

It’s Freeing

Wearing contact lenses means planning and carrying around lens cases, eye drops and contact lens solution. If you travel often, it’s hard to take off your lenses because you need to see clearly.
Sleeping on the plane is no fun with lenses in your eyes. Yet, if you take them out, you can hardly see anything. Glasses gives you much more freedom. And, all you need is your cleaning cloth and case.

Final Thought

If you want to break the dry eye cycle, then you must wear glasses. Trust us, you’ll never feel more free.


  1. Glasses usually offer many more advantages over contact lenses. They require very little cleaning and maintenance, you do not need to touch your eyes to use them (reducing the risk of eye infections), and finally the glasses are cheaper than long-term contact lenses since you do not need to replace them so often.

  2. Nowadays, a large number of people opt to use both options, although the use of spectacles continues to impose itself as the main means for the correction of the vision, for effectiveness and for comfort.

    • I wear glasses and although I spent a season thinking about wearing contact lenses, in the end, I keep the glasses. I like how I have and I take them very comfortable, the only thing that bothers me is having to be changing glasses when there is sun and when I enter a local. A big drawback that I also see for people who want to wear glasses is that we can not buy the sunglasses that we like most, for the fact that not all can graduate.


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