Have you suffered any damage to your teeth as a result of an accident or sports injury? Did you suffer a cracked tooth or experience some other type of tooth trauma? If so, the best treatment can be obtained from an endodontist, an emergency dentist in Toronto. Endodontists specialize in saving decayed and infected teeth, typically caused by an exposure of “pulp”, the blood tissue and nerves that make up the interior of a tooth. When a tooth is cracked or traumatized, the pulp becomes compromised and you could lose the tooth altogether without intervention. Seeing a board-certified endodontist puts your care in the hands of a qualified professional.

To ensure that your tooth’s root remains healthy, it’s important that your tooth’s pulp is removed and that the tooth is then restored with a crown. The pulp houses the tooth’s blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. An injury to the tooth could result in damage to the pulp, which can cause severe pain. Your endodontist will remove the pulp in order to save the tooth; this is endodontic treatment, commonly referred to as a root canal.

The endodontist is responsible for a whole host of dental treatments including root canals. They perform microsurgeries to locate and treat hidden fractures and canals missed by X-rays. During an operation, calcium deposits can be removed and damaged roots can be treated. Removal of the pulp may be required if it is discovered that it is or likely to become infected. Then the recommendation will likely be a pulpectomy, the removal of the pulp. They may also perform an apicoectomy, which may be necessary if you experience pain after the root canal. It means that you still have inflammation in the bony area and you need the very end of the root of the tooth to be taken out.

Cracked and chipped teeth caused by falls, sports injuries, and accidents can cause pain when chewing, general discomfort and temperature sensitivity. Your appointment with an endodontist will lead to an examination that may include multiple visits to determine the full extent of tooth damage. More advanced clinics such as Toronto’s York Hill Endodontics use tools like CBCT and digital radiography to diagnose the issue, giving them a clearer picture of your mouth and what’s wrong.

When you’re experiencing the kind of pain commonly associated with root canals, you may need treatment immediately. Endodontic specialists like York Hill Endodontics are prepared to handle a dental emergency in Toronto. Because this kind of pain can be so disruptive to your live, the right clinics will go to every length to see you if you are in emergency-level pain.

When an endodontist such as York Hill Endodontics has completed your root canal, you will still need to have your teeth restored by your regular dentist, typically with a crown or a filling. Thanks to improved equipment and procedures, the recovery time for this kind of treatment is shrinking, and you should feel like normal again and be able to continue your life as you formally did, pain-free, in no time. When you’re experiencing unbearable pain, don’t be afraid to visit an emergency dentist in Toronto.


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