A woman discovers that she had skin cancer thanks to an application that analyzes the moles

Nikie Duddridge, 46, of Cannington, NJ, used an application on her phone to analyze the moles she had on her body when she read an article in a magazine about a woman who had detected skin cancer with an app .

“I found it hard to believe that a phone could do something like that so I downloaded the app to try it,” the woman said.

When he passed the scanner of the application on his arms and legs it came out that everything was normal, but when he passed by the ankle appeared an alert message that warned him to receive immediate medical attention.

When Nikie did not fully trust the warning, she sent a photo of her mole to a nurse friend who told her instantly that a dermatologist had to check it.

Following the advice of her friend the next day, she went to her GP who sent her directly to the hospital where she was not only diagnosed with skin cancer, she also had a tumor the size of a fist.


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