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Stop beating yourself and emotional eating now! to lose weight

Have you often wondered why you are not losing weight rather your mood swings are at worst and laziness has hit to another level? Has yo-yo diet left you frustrated and negative about your body image? Are you constantly beating yourself and self-criticism sessions have become a daily dose? It’s high time you need to make some drastic changes in your life but not in the diet in your mind. It is often said that “It’s all in the mind.” It’s true and a fact if believed and implemented you won’t lose weight but change your life. Here are some pointers that will help you channelize your hunger and differentiate between emotional and actual hunger:

  • Be sensitive to your feelings: Often we don’t realize what we are feeling and just any negative thought makes us fragile and we resort to eating. Especially on diet, it makes one frustrated as cravings are on high and brain is used to junk food. So rather than going with the flow, understand the extreme pangs of negative and positive emotions and do not react by giving in to cravings. Instead, pat yourself and stick to your goal.
  • Learn to differentiate: People on diet or in process of losing weight are not able to differentiate between normal hunger and ravenous cravings. This leads to emotional eating out of sheer boredom and disrupts the whole schedule. Instead be aware of your hunger and according to appetite not out of emotions or just because you are feeling low.
  • Opt for conscious eating: Adopt a 5-minute rule whenever you have cravings and deep breathe. It will give you time to watch your emotions and realize you are about to eat out of feelings but not because of hunger. This will help you eat consciously and stop when you are full. If even after having your meal you have to crave then again wait for 5 minutes and cravings will subside.
  • Leave the gadgets alone: Watching TV or surfing on the internet will make you eat unconsciously without observing how much you ate or not. Work can be done later but food nourishes your body and mind and when eaten consciously it digests easily and reduces appetite. So leave the gadgets and enjoy meals with family.
  • Track your diet with an App: There are many apps available that will help you track your daily calories, physical activity, and sleeping patterns. Though these apps are expensive but are very useful as it gives us a daily update on our diet and cheats. So avail the diets with voucher codes available at By Discount Codes
  • Stick to a routine: Lastly, stick to the routine even if you feel frustrated and if you fail for one day try next day. Slowly and steadily your body and mind will learn to adopt a healthy lifestyle and you will lose weight consciously.

To conclude, stop criticizing yourself and give your mind time to adapt to the new routine. When the mind adapts to the change, the body will accommodate itself and there will be drastic weight loss that too permanently.

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